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Hello, This is Technic Korea.

Technic supplies some of the most advanced chemistry solutions for semiconductor packaging applications in the industry.  Technic’s semiconductor advanced packaging electrodeposition chemistries, marketed under the name Elevate, are well respected for innovation and high quality and are used in many applications including RDL, pillars, microbumps and LED packaging.  Technic also supplies, photoresist strippers for liquid and dry film resist as well as metal etchants.

Technic Inc is a Rhode Island based, privately held corporation with over 900 employees worldwide.  For 70 years, Technic has been a global supplier of specialty chemicals, custom finishing equipment, engineered powders and analytical control systems to the electronic component, printed circuit board, semiconductor, industrial finishing and decorative industries.


  • Elevate Gold 7990 NBV
    Electrolytic non-cyanide gold process that produces pure, soft gold deposits. Offers several advantages over standard sulfite gold baths including neutral pH, no metallic grain refiners, longer bath life, exceptional....

  • Features

    • Very stable electrolyte
    • Low-stress deposit
    • Smooth, bright deposit without the use of harmful metallic grain refiners
    • Low deposit thickness variation across the wafer even with small and large features on the same die
    • Able to deposit 2 – 3 times more gold in vias compared to a standard sulfite gold process
    • Extended bath life of 4 – 5 metal turnovers in most applications
    • Currently in production around the world in high volume manufacturing


    • Reduced cost of operation through:
    - Extended bath life which significantly reduces the number of bath makeups per year
    - Stable electrolyte eliminates scrap produced from bath plate-out
    - Excellent coplanarity and step coverage resulting in less gold used per wafer
    - High-speed plating increases wafer production capabilities
    • Free of cyanide, thallium, and arsenic making it safe for operators and environmentally responsible.
    • For use in plating tools from manual wet bench and R&D to fully automatic production lines.
    • One of the most widely used and reliable sulfite gold chemistry in the semiconductor industry.

  • TechniStrip® P1331
    An advanced photoresist stripper that has a wide range of applications from DUV to thick negative resins and passivation layer reworking. Ideal for use in back end applications like TSV, Cu pillar, bumping, etc....

  • An advanced photoresist stripper that has a wide range of
    applications from DUV to thick negative resins and passivation
    layer reworking. Ideal for use in back end applications like TSV,
    Cu pillar, bumping, etc. Offers complete resin dissolution of
    thick film photoresist such as THB151N, THB121N, AZ125XT, etc.

    • Full dissolution of conventional spin-on photoresist
    (N and P tones)
    • High substrate compatibility
    • Long bath life
    • Can be used in a variety of applications
    • Direct water rinse
    • Suitable for batch (spray or immersion) and single wafer systems

    • Reduced cost of operation by higher throughput and higher loading capacity
    • Minimized defects on fine-pitch technology by providing full resin/residue dissolution
    • High metal compatibility (especially on Al) enabling improved process control and
    performance for complex architecture metal stacks.
    • Reduced cost of inventory through process versatility, allowing for the use of one
    photoresist stripper for many applications.

  • TechniEtch TBR19
    Ti, and TiN Etchant - Barrier layer remover for WLP applications. Solution provides great process window resulting in minimal to zero undercut while etching both metals....

  • Features
    • Excellent selectivity

    • Low undercut
    • Improved etch uniformity
    • Stable and consistent etch rate over the life of the bath
    • Fluoride-free aqueous solution
    • Compatible with most UBM and copper pillar integration materials
    • Fully compatible with aluminum
    • Tunable etch rate
    • High selectivity and low undercut provides high yields with fine pitch patterns
    • Reduced cost of operation through extended bath life
    • High process efficiency through stable chemistry and consistent etch rate
    • Wide process operating window – 50% process overetch still results in minimal undercut

  • TechniStrip® NF52
    A negative tone photoresist remover for advanced packaging applications Developed to remove laminated photoresist and liquid resins, this TMAH/DMSO chemistry exhibits high dissolution performance and metal compatibility compared to TMAH based blends...

  • TechniStrip® NF52

    Photoresist Stripper

    High Dissolution, High Metal Compatibility NMP-Free Photoresist Stripper

    Advanced Packaging for semiconductors continues to bring new challenges to material suppliers. In addition to requiring high performance, materials are also expected to be environmentally friendly. Alternatives to harmful legacy chemistries have had to be implemented without sacrificing results.

    Historically chemistries such as NMP and hydroxylamine have been used to dissolve liquid and dryfilm resist. Through extensive research and development Technic has developed a series of products under the TechniStrip® name that offer high level performance and are free of NMP and hydroxylamine.

    TechniStrip® NF52 is formulated to provide powerful stripping performance on difficult to remove dryfilm photoresist and is the product of choice for many leading semiconductor manufacturers.


    • Dissolution on most commercial dryfilm photoresist

    • Dissolution of commercial spin-on photoresist (N & P Tones)

    • Extremely low etch rate on Cu, Ni, Au and other materials

    • Compatible with fragile III/V materials and organic substrates

    • High stripping rate of > 10 μm/minute

    • Long bath life

    • Proven performance on both batch (spray and immersion)

    and single-wafer toolsets


    • Reduced cost of operation achieved through a highly efficient process and longer bath life

    • Reduced defects by providing full dissolution on most dryfilm and liquid photoresist

    • High metal compatibility provides wider processing window and ease of operation

    • CMR free (carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction) formulation reduces safety risk to operators

  • TechniEtch CN10
    An acidic based copper metal etchant, containing particular additives that greatly enhance stability and metal loading capability in RDL(Redistribution Layer) applications, as compared to conventional oxidative acidic based solutions....

  • TechniEtch CN10 is a highly tunable, effective and selective metal etchant for UBM, RDL and copper pillar applications. The solution is an acidic based metal etchant containing specific additives that greatly enhance stability and metal loading capability compared to conventional oxidative acidic based solutions.

    • Better process controllability/reliability.
     > Tunable etch rate by varying H2O2 concentration
     > Selectivity Cu/Ni up to 1/6
        Better NiOx and Ni intermetallic removal
     > High etch rate at room temperature.
    • High stability even in presence of metal contamination
     > Profile and process control enhanced with the CN10 formulation additives compared to standard peroxide- acid approach.
    • Loading & bath life independent of the solution loading

  • TechniClean IK73
    A specially formulated cleaner that targets the selective removal of highly-inert chemical residues created during the patterning of high-k dielectric metal oxides including hafnium, zirconium and tantalum oxides...

  • TechniClean IK73 applications:

    PER residues cleaning
    After DRIE (CFx, CClx)
    After ashing (organo-oxide metallic)
    After HM / barrier punch through
    On Al/Cu, CAP MIM

    30C, 30- 180s
    Direct water rinse
    Ready used
    Single wafer only
    IP filed 2017

    TechniClean IK73 respond to:

    Industry new demand
    Process versatility
     Selectivity (Mox/M)

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