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Smart Factory Made Simple

Founded in 2006, THiRA-UTECH is a public company dedicated to providing top-notch solutions for smart manufacturing and smart logistics.

We offer professional consulting and advanced solutions such as Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Production Planning System (APS), Quality Management System (QMS), Warehouse Management System (WMS), big data analytics, cloud services, and Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR). THiRA-UTECH cares about our customers’ success, and we have a successful track record with many conglomerate companies across various industry sectors including semiconductor, electronics, automotive, display, secondary battery, chemical, airline and etc.

In October 2019, THiRA-UTECH became the first company in the smart factory industry to become KOSDAQ-listed.

 Press Releases

  • THiRA-UTECH, the very first company who is listed in the Korean stock market, was established in 2006 and which provides total end-to-end solutions such as MES(Manufacturing Execution System) & FA(Factory Automation), SCM(Supply Chain Management), Manufacturing big data analysis, logistics robots and manufacturing operation platform for SMEs etc.
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    THiRA MCS(Material Control System) is a system to move materials automatically a process to the next one and build an automated material control system efficiently, based on semiconductor standard specification....

  • THiRA MCS(Material Control System) is a system to move materials automatically   a process to the next one and build an automated material control system efficiently, based on semiconductor standard specification. It controls AMHS(Automated Material Handling System) based on SEMI E82(IB-SEM) and SEMI 388(STOCKER SEM).

    MCS(Material Control System) is a system for automated material control in semiconductor which can control transfer equipment such as STOCKER, OTH(Overhead Hoist Transport), OHS (Over Head Shuttle) and AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle). THiRA MCS solution can also communicate transfer equipment through standard I/F modules and provides automatic material returns schedule based on our own-developed optimized algorithm. Lastly, it can provide real-time monitoring of material returns by factory monitoring UI based on Web service.

    By establishing THiRA MES/FA solution, manufacturing companies can grasp all information generated at the production site in real time and make the best decision on improvement of production process or issues....

  • THiRA MES(Manufacturing Execution System) is an integrated production control system that focuses on real-time monitoring of manufacturing sites, tracking of logistics and work history, status and defect management. 

    THiRA FA(Factory Automation) solution maximizes manufacturing productivity by increasing facility efficiency with a system that supports stable collection of production facilities, upgrades of existing facilities, and linkage with new facilities to effectively respond to the IoT paradigm.

  • THiRA Robot
    THiRAbot is a newly launched mobile robot for efficient factory operation and logistics cost reduction...

  • THiRAbot is a mobile robot that moves objects to a destination instructed autonomously thorugh magnetic fields, optics, lasers, and electromagnetic fields without rails or guide structures on the floor.

    It is suitable for parts/product transfer between manufacturing processes and incoming/outgoing operations in warehouses, especially for heavy goods, dangerous goods, and simple repetitive transport logistics. 

  • THiRA Analytics
    THiRA Analytics solution is a manufacturing-specific statistical analysis solution for diagnosing and identifying causes of problems in process/equipment/quality....

  • THiRA Analytics solution enables early detection of abnormalities and a stable operating environment for improved quality and increased productivity.

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