Limotion Systems

Hanam-si,  Gyeonggi-do 
Korea (South)
  • Booth: D528

Limotion Systems provide easy to use nano precision automation solutions to customers.
We provide a standard offering of high precision positioning systems as well as customized systems and solutions towards customer specific specifications.


  • Miniature Positioning System (Piezomotor)
    - 2 nm Resolution - Incremental & Absoulte Encoder Options - 10 N Push / Pull Force (Actuator) - Lift up to 0.5 kg at > 5 mm/s (Linear Stage) - Fast Step & Settle Times, Self-Locking at Rest - RS-485 Interface (EtherNet & EtherCAT within Q2, 2022)...

  • Limotion Systems provide easy to use nano precision automation solutions to customers within science and industry. We provide a standard offering of high precision piezo stages as well as customized stages and solutions towards customer specific specifications. 

    We think high precision automation is fun and that it should be simple. With the expertise built of piezo motor innovation and development, we want to make cost efficient and easy to use high precision automation modules for fast and simple integration.

    High precision linear piezo stages are built for applications within e.g: Microscopy, Micromanipulation, Optics, Metrology, Photonics, Semiconductors, Life Science, Material Science and Medical Instruments.

  • Linear & Air-Bearing Solutions
    - Stroke 610 x 610 mm - Load capacity up to 150 kg - Repeatability 0.1 µm - Accuracy < 1 µm - Precision air bearing for ultra-smooth motion - Extreme low sub-micron flatness error...

  • Nano-precision ball and air bearing technology

    Every product is equipped with high-precision bearing and controller technology. We provide air bearings and ball bearings, direct drive motors and high-accuracy metrology for feedback control. Stages and systems are easily installed and can be precisely controlled by LAB’s ‘Drivebox’ drive controller or the client’s preferred controller. Communication with your system is made easy with Ethercat, Ethernet, RS232, USB or CAN.

    Gantry Stages

    Double axis motion stages consisting of two air bearing axis. The bottom one uses a solid granite base with a moving granite platform on top. The second axis has a moving steel platform running over a granite bridge. A sub-micron flatness is achieved making this system ideally suited for inspection machines with the highest demands in precision motion and positioning.

  • Hexapod Systems
    - From Few Grams to Several Tons - Vacuum (Down to 10-9 mbar) & Clean Room - From Few μm & μrad to Several Hundred mm & 45° - Sub-μm Linear & Angular Resolution - Configurable Pivot Point & Support Various APIs...


    A hexapod is a mechatronic system with a parallel structure allowing the positioning and movement of objects in space according to the six degrees of freedom.


    Symétrie hexapods are designed to be dynamic (simulators) or precise (micro-positioning or measuring hexapods). Their very low mass-to-stiffness ratio gives them great dynamics with high load capacity.


    A hexapod can be a positioning or a dynamic motion system.
    Its architecture consists of six actuators mounted in parallel between a fixed and a mobile platform with the help of joints. The actuators perform linear movements to position the mobile platform.


    Symétrie hexapods are designed to be dynamic (simulators) or precise (measuring hexapod or micro-positioning hexapod). Their very low mass-to-stiffness ratio gives them great dynamics with a high load capacity.


    ■ Better footprint
    ■ Better mass/stiffness ratio
    ■ Improved mechanical robustness
    ■ No moving cables
    ■ Better accuracy
    ■ Less risk of default than a serial structure
    ■ Better inertia

  • Motorized Positioning System
    - For Vacuum, UHV, Radiations and Cryogenic Temperatures - Adjustable Ends of Run - Incremental or Absolute Rotary & Linear Scale - High Precision Stainless Steel Recirculating Ball Bearings - Quality and Precision : 100 % Test & Measurement...

  • With a long experience in micropositioning motion control in vacuum and air extended also to extreme environments such as UHV, cryogenics, Rad-Hard and space and is specialized in design and manufacturing of mechanics and components as well as turn-key systems in the fields of research and industry.

  • Piezo Positioning Systems
    - Piezostack Actuator - Ranges up to 200 μm & 4 kN force - Piezo Lever Actuator - Ranges up to 1500 μm - Piezo Tip/Tilt Platforms with 12mrad Deflection - Piezo Objective Scanners & Sample Stages for Microscopy - Digital Controllers for Highest Accuracy...

  • Piezo-Actuators and Nano-Positioning

    With long-experienced specialists for piezo-technology: i. e. sensing, actuation and nano-positioning, based on solid-state elements.

    Mechanics are designed using the finite-elements-method (FEM). This in combination with our decades-long experience guarantees for the products performing at stable properties for outstanding time and cycles.

    Electronics are designed to optimize the performance of the piezo-systems. Low noise and high-accuracy are most important for nano-positioning. Highest dynamics and low loss are to be achieved for valve-drives. The user-interfaces and software give best overview and access to the application-specific parameters to the operators.


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