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Welcome to RPS, a leader in high precision machining parts.

RPS Co., Ltd. which has the best technology and the biggest production capacity in the field of Air & Ball Bearing Spindles and Ceramic Vacuum Chuck Table in the domestic market keeps growing on the basis of technological capability proven by companies which lead the conductor and display market of the world and experiences accumulated in the industry over the years.

Since its establishment, management and staffs of RPS Co. have united and done their utmost to maximize company value with quality and technologies under our managemnet principles of "Change and innovative management, successful management and management with which everybody is satisfied." As a result of such efforts, RPS Co. has opened the door to advancing into the global market.

We will build our position firmly in the center of the market for Super precision machining spindle which is changing rapidly and are committed to being reborn as a world class company by maximizing our core capabilities in each business area.


  • Dicing Spindles
    Dicing spindle is a spindle that cuts workpieces such as silicon, glass, ceramics and etc. with high precision using blades....

  • Model : AS060-080W12MB2.4-FMHS

    * Input air condition 
    Pressure: 5.5~6.5kgf/cm2, Temperature: 20 °C, Filter: 0.5~0.1㎛, Air consumption: 60 ~ 70 L/min 
    * Cooling 
    Cooling type:  Water or oil, Pressure: 3 kgf/cm2, Cooling flow rate: 2 L/min, Temperature:  17~19°C 
    * Motor type 
    Phase: 3, Pole: 4, Type: BLDC(Hall sensor), V at Hz: 220V at 2,000Hz,  
    * Operational speed range: 10,000~60,000 rpm
    * Max. power: 2.4kW at 60,000rpm 
    * Motor torque: 0.4N?m (15,000~60,000rpm) 
    * Taper runout: ㎛ 1
    * Weight: 9 kgf  
    * Housing diameter: 80mm 
    * Shaft taper: 2.86°

  • Ceramic Porous Vacuum Chuck
    Dicing spindle is a spindle that cuts workpieces such as silicon, glass, ceramics and etc. with high precision using blades....

  • * Field of use
    Semiconductor: Si wafer adsorption and fixation in back wrap and dicing processes
    Display: OLED Film adsorption fixed in OLED process
    PCB: PCB adsorption and fixation in the drilling process

    * Features of RPS vacuum chuck
    -Excellent flatness (3um for 12 inches) and stability, competitive price
    -Antistatic function, various shapes of chuck table can be customized

  • Air Cylinder
    Air cylinder for flip chip mounting equipment....

  • Hybrid linear air bearing actuator with high precision static air bearing. High response and high precision load control. Possible to air blower and air suction.

    Axial allowable load: 20N class, 30N class

  • Ball Bearing Spindles
    One of the machine parts of machine tools such as lathes and drilling machines, it is a rotating shaft used for mounting cutting tools....

  • RPS's ball bearing spindles are subdivided into a variety of products, including display glass and smartphone metal cases, as well as spindles for machine tools used in automotive, ship parts and etc.

    * Features

    - Manufacture of spindles that meet various standards such as HSK, BT, BBT

    - Manufacturing and supplying spindles suitable for various uses such as grinding, milling, and drilling

    - Development of spindle to meet customer needs

  • V-Plus 4.0 (Smart system)
    It is a system that can predict the failure time in advance and preventive maintenance by monitoring the condition of the spindle, bearing and rotating body....

  • * Purpose

    - Prepare for unexpected machine malfunctions or deterioration of processing quality (using big data)

    - Machining quality control and efficiency increase by predicting the state of the spindle

    * Concept

    - Operate the spindle condition diagnosis sensor and check the condition during operation to predict the replacement cycle and lifespan of bearings or internal parts

    - State comparison and state diagnosis of spindles using RPS self-diagnosis software

    * Configuration

      - V-Plus 4.0 Hardware: One-to-one linkage/multi-axis channel integrated movement, multi-axis channel cloud linkage

      - V-Plus 4.0 Software : RPS diagnostic software, spindle status diagnosis

      - Internal sensor & External sensor

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