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Korea (South)
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All product of SUNJE are specialized in All industries, including Semiconductor, FPD, Surface Treater, Dust Remover. Especially on Ionizer thats for decay electrostatics. 
SUNJE takes pride in having built its position as a leading force in the clean room ionizer industry on the basis of accumulated technologies and assurance of product quality. 
We believe that the best value in the age of Semiconductor, IT, FPD, Plastic is based on "customer satisfaction" and delivering the "highest quality products".
After founded we operate a quality control system that aims at attaining zero defect quality assurance with electrostatics specialized man power. And we continuously studying and investing to develop innovating new technologies, and establishing the new industrial relation.
We never forget our motto which is "Well do our ones best until our customer satisfy"


  • SIB5S-C Series
    Bar type static eliminator with minimized corona discharge loss....

  • It achives stable performance and constant ion balancing for long time use through high frequency, and it has a digital system to minimize corona discharge loss. In addition, wear and contamination of the discharge emitter is minimized, which improves the ease of maintenance and is applicable to various installation environments with various lengths.

    Key Features

     - Stable ion balance during long term usage.

     - Low peak voltage through high frequency
     - Improved convenience of maintenance by minimizing wear and contamination of discharge emitter
     - Increase ion generation by reducing corona discharge loss 

     - Tip cleaning alarm (You can set tip cleaning period with timer) 

     - One touch type for easy tip replacement and cleaning

  • Bar Type Soft X-Ray Ionizer (SXB-05NSR)
    Bar Type Soft X-Ray Ionizer...

  • Soperior performance is derived from applied high current technology.
    This is bar type ionizer having 1 to 9 X-ray windows so that is effective for ionizing wide area.
    Slim size is useful to be installed in various conditions and module structure
    (Rotate type replaceable tube) makes it easy to replace.

    Key Features

    • Superior performance with high current version compared to low current 5kV products
    • The smallist size in the same line of products (possible to ionize on the surface and rear side)
    • No CDA needed, No scattering particle problem.
    • ±0V Ion Balance.
    • Managing process under 100V constant voltage.
    • Easy attachable/detachable Module structure.
    • Purchasing by the individual parts brings economic savings.
    • With RMS(Real Monitoring System), possible to check operation status in real time. (Option)
  • EVM-308, SM-10, SM-30
    Electric Voltage Monitoring System (EVM-308, SM-10, SM-30)...

  • EVM-308 & Sensors

    It is a monitoring device for electric voltage sensor that can be possibly installed in Semiconductor, OLED, LCD, PDP, Parts assembly line, Printing, Filmming, and many other industries.

    Key Features

    • Easy communication through PC, e.g. save and manage electric voltage data (S/W offers)
    • EVM-308 : max. 8 sensors connection
    • Use either SM-10 or SM-30 sensor
    • Individual or multiple set-ups are available
    • In display panel, user can see the actual data value in real time
    • If there are any exceed voltage are detected, the alarm will be on
    • SM-30 Sensor Measuring Range : ±20kV (Wide Range Mode ±60kV) / Distance : Max. 700mm
    • SM-10 Sensor Measuring Range : ±5kV(Wide Range Mode ±40kV) / Distance : Max. 100mm

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