Dong Ah Trade Corp

Korea (South)
  • Booth: C329

We are manufacturing and exporting company for semiconductor-LCD-New materials-Nanotech-MEMS-Bio Technology research equipment.

Dong-AH Trade Corp. is a trading company that manufactures, develops, imports, and exports  spin coaters, film coaters, dip coaters, spray coaters, and semiconductor research equipment through cutting-edge technology development.

In particular, in the case of high-precision spin coaters, ACE-200 & TOP-8 are equipped with the already secured graphic mode, and have the most advanced, excellent, simple functions, and the most preferred not only in Korea but also in national research institutes.  We have won awards overseas and are exporting spin coaters to North America, Europe and Japan.

 Press Releases


  • Spin Coater ACE-200 & TOP-8
    The ACE-200 & TOP-8 are high-precision spin coaters equipped with graphic mode and have obtained patents, state-of-the-art, excellent, simple, and most preferred spin coater in Korea....

  • Approved the superiority to overseas and export the equipments in the world.

    High Precision SpinCoating Systems (Spin Coater)

    1. High Performing Compact Type
    2. Minimal heat and Low Noise generated with an DC motor
    3. High precision maintained at the high speed (8,000 RPM).
    4. Real-time graphics mode mounted (patented acquisition!)**
    5. Low Price, Simple Design, Reduced Noise, Little Vibration
    6. Up to 100 programs and 100 steps can be entered.
    7. 3,000 RPM per second can be accelerated or decelerated(ACE-200).
    8. Excellent location control after a sudden stop, 
    9. Stable coating is assured regardless of the speed.
    10. Convenient A/S due to a compact interior&exterior composition
  • Dip Coater ND-DC Dip Coater
    Completely automatized unit for thin films fabrication via dip coating...

    • Design and programmable software is a deep-corner that enables all deposition parameters to be controlled and automated with fixed accuracy and reproducibility.
    • ND-DC is used to obtain nanometric coatings with one or multiple layers by dip coating techniques, such as sol-gel, polymeric layers, self-assembled monolayers and all kind of Biofilms.
    • High-precision control and Windows user-friendly software
    • Vertical, rotary, multi-layer, etc.
  • Portable Plasma Treatment Device (Handy Type)
    Piezobrush® PZ3 has been designed as a compact plasma handheld device for use in laboratories, predevelopment and assembly of small series....

  • Piezobrush® PZ3 is the world's smallest portable plasma surface treatment device with PDD® technology.
    Piezobrush® PZ3 has been designed as a compact plasma handheld device for use in laboratories, predevelopment and assembly of small series. With a maximum power consumption of 18 W, the PDD® technology is used to generate cold active plasma at a temperature of less than 50°C. The heart of this portable plasma device is the TDK piezo plasma generator CeraPlas™ – a high-voltage discharge device for generating cold atmospheric-pressure plasma.
  • Spray Coater
    ND-SP Ultrasonic Spray Coater, ND-SP Mini Ultrasonic Spray Coater, and ND-SP Precision Spray Coater ...

  • ND-SP Spray Coater is a completely automatized equipment for thin film deposition via spray coating, where uniformity and  small  drop  sizes  are  required.  Its  design  and  programmable software allows to control and automatize every deposition parameter with high precision and reproducibility. ND-SP Spray Coater is used to obtain homogeneous coatings with one or multiple layers.

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