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LD Micro designs, manufactures & markets semiconductor tools

Welcome to LD Micro Precision

LD Micro Precision designs, manufactures and markets high quality precision tools for the semiconductor/electronic industry. By applying over 30 years experience and technological know-how, we are able to provide solutions and innovative services that can meet and satisfy our customer's expectation. 

Our equipment and proprietary process capability is able to meet the most stringent customer's standard. We also diversify into advance metallurgical components like carbide, titanium, ceramics and other engineering plastic material for products reliability & improvement.

Our tight tolerance quality control ensures high performance parts. We will continue to expand our products range over times by introducing complementary equipment/tools to meet the needs of the industry.
We always believe in the continuous improvement program to support our customers on their productivity and profitability.


  • Solution Tools
    Hybrid Rubber Pick Up Tools Plastic Ejector Needle...

  • Solution Tools
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    ld solutiontools 1

    Hybrid Rubber™ Collets
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    ld solutiontools hybrid

    Plastic Tip Needles
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    ld solutiontools plastic

    Gang Needles
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    ld gangneedle
  • Die Bonding Tools
    Push Up Needles Rubber Collets Hi-Temp Collets Die Collets Dispensing Tools Stamping Tools...

  • Push Up Needles
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    LD Microprecision designs, manufactures and market a wide range of die push up needles. Our micro grain material ensures long life application. The polished spherical tip minimized chip or crack die related problem. Full range of tip configurations are manufacture for various applications. Materials applicable :
    • Tungsten Carbide
    • High Speed Steel SKH-51
    • Music Wire
    • Tungsten
    • Others
    ld pushupneedles
    ld pushupneedles2

    ld pushupneedles main
    Procuct Code Material Code Shank Diameter Dimensional Specifications Ordering Example
    Angle A Radius R Length L
    PUN C 0.40mm 10 deg 0.015mm 14.30mm PUNC04-10-015-143
    PUN H 0.70mm 15 deg 0.250mm 17.00mm PUNH-115-250-170
    PUN S 1.00mm 25 deg 0.500mm 19.05mm PUNS10-25-500-1905

    Rubber Pick-Up Tool & Holder
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    Our wide range of rubber pick up tools are widely used in die pick. Both anti-static and high temperature material are available.

    Hardness of above 80 shore A and available mainly three (3) different tip configurations.
    • Round
    • Square
    • Rectangular

    Special design for flip chip devices.

    For "sticky problem" especially on small die pick-up, we recommend the hybrid rubber collets. Please refer to the "solution tool" for detail.
    ld rubberpickup
    ld rubbertip
    For Standard Sizes Example
    S/N Tip Shape Ordering Code Tip Size Part Number
    X Y
    1 Round RND-XXX 40 mil - RND-040
    2 Square RSQ-XXX 60 mil 60 mil RSQ-060
    3 Rect (1:1.5) RT1-XXXYYY 60 mil 90 mil RT1-060090
    4 Rect (1:2) RT2-XXXYYY 100 mil 120 mil RT2-100200

    For Custom Sizes Example
    S/N Tip Shape Ordering Code Tip Size Part Number
    X Y
    1 Round RND-XXX 70 mil - RND-070
    2 Square RSQ-XXX 90 mil 90 mil RSQ-090
    3 Rectangular RTC-XXXYYY 100 mil 120 mil RTC-100120

    Rubber Tip Holder
    ld rubbertipsholders

    Hi Temp Pick Up Tool
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    LD Microprecision designs, manufactures and market a wide range of high temperature (vespel) pickup tool with hole size down to 80 microns & tight tolerances specification. Shank type available for most machine models.

    Material applicable:
    1.) Vespel
    2.) Torlon

    ld hitemp
    ld hitemp tip
    The pace of development in the semiconductor & LED industry especially with the introduction of smaller and thinner die poses great challenges to the tooling design and manufacturing.

    At LD Microprecision, we take that challenges seriously. Our advance in micro machining technology is able produce small of intricate pick up tools that help customers improve yield and reliability.
    Material Code
    B = Vespel (Brown)
    D = Vespel (Black)

    MC = Machine Code

    Product Code
    HT = Hi-Temp

    O.D = Outer Diameter
    I.D = Inner Diameter
    ld hitemp inspection
    ld hitemp plastictip
    ld hitemp size1 Size Available
    Outsider Diameter
    OD (mm)
    Insider Diameter
    ID (mm)
    0.15 0.080
    0.25 0.10
    0.30 0.15
    0.40 0.18
    0.50 0.20
    0.60 0.30
    0.75 0.40
    Drawing MC Machine
    ld hitemp es ES ESEC
    ld hitemp as AS ASM
    ld hitemp tsb TSB TOSHIBA
    ld hitemp skw SKW SHINKAWA
    ld hitemp unv UNV UNIVERSAL
    ld hitemp ft FT FOTON

    Product Code Material Code Machine Type OD ID Part No (example)
    mm mils mm mils
    HT B 01 2.54 100 0.75 30 HTB-01-100030
    HT B 03 1.9 75 0.5 20 HTB-03-075020

    Die Collets
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    LD Microprecision produces a wide range of high performance die pick up tool (die collet) with hole size down to 0.100 (4 mils). The lapped mirror finished carbide tip prevent scratch marks on the surface of the die.
    ld die collet finish
    ld die collet
  • Wire Bonding
    EFO (Electrode Flame-off) ...

  • EFO (Electronic Flame Off) Electrodes
    Perfomance is COST
    We give you BOTH
    Our full range of EFO are manufactured from exclusive high performance material ALC 501, the industry choice. It is applicable for both gold and copper wires application.

    We collaborated with our 'Advanced Material Manufacturer' to specifically address the customers needs for more reliable and high performance EFOs for both durability and Free Air Ball (FAB) consistency combining advanced material application with well refined process technology for all our EFOs.

    ld efo 01
    Full range applicable to K&S, ASM, Esec, Kaijo, Shinkawa and others available.
    ld efo 03 ld efo 02
    Gold wire EFO Copper wire EFO

    EFOs (Electronic Flame-Off)
    (Applicable for Gold & Copper wire)
    Perfomance is COST
    We give you BOTH
    The Industry Choice
    LD Microprecision EFO is more than an EFO. We have done extensive research and collaborated with our Advanced Material Manufacturer to select the optimum material most suitable for the manufacturing of the spark rod. The composite alloy material is called ALC-501* widely used in the aerospace industry.
    Not all WB EFOs are manufactured equal.
    ld gold 01
    ld gold main
    This new material development enable the EFO to provide consistent Free Air Ball (FAB) including small ball size control which is critical in fine pitch bonding.

    Most common problems related to EFO sparking on the WB capillary affecting its bonding quality & long lifespan as shown below :
    ld gold 02

    ld gold 03

  • Bond Test Tools
    Wire Hook Ball Push Pin Die Push Pin Twizzer Jaw (CBP)...

  • Wire Pull (Hooks)
    (Applicable for Dage, Rhesca, Royce, XYZ tec and others) www.wirehookproduct.com
    Perfomance is COST
    We give you BOTH
    The parts that LD makes are often play a critical role in our customer’s product reliability and consistency. Our refined process capability combined with advanced material application enable us to produce the finest wire pull (hook) for precision, accuracy and durability. Our precision micro machined tips are specially designed for narrow wire to wire pitch of 50 micron and below. Special wire pull material for longer life and better performance.
    ld wirepull
    ld wirehook

    ld wirehook main

    Ball Shear Tool
    (Applicable for Dage, Rhesca, Royce, XYZ tec and others) www.ballshear.com
    Perfomance is COST
    We give you BOTH
    The ball shear (push) tool applicable to various test equipments used to determine the ball bond strength on the die bond pad. Combining micro grain carbide and micro machining capability allow us to produce high performance shear tool for durability.

    ld ballpush tool
    ld ballpush

    ld ballpush main

    Die Shear (Push) Tool DST
    (Applicable for Dage, Rhesca, Royce, XYZ tec and others) www.dieshear.com
    Perfomance is COST
    We give you BOTH
    The die shear (push) tool (DST) applicable to various test equipment used to determine the adhesiveness of the die to the substrate. Our capability in material innovation and micro machining allow us to produce parts that require most stringent specifications.
    ld diepushpin
    ld diepush

    ld diepush main

    Tweezer Pull
    (Applicable for Dage, Rhesca, Royce, XYZ tec and others)
    Perfomance is COST
    We give you BOTH
    LD Microprecision achieved technical breakthrough in the field of complex ultrafine process(es) manufacturing know- how to produce the tweezer pull with tight tolerance and uncompromising performance results. Applicable for both solder bump and WB ball bond vertical pull.

    ld tweezer
    ld tweeter jaw2
  • Customization Pick Up Tools
    Turret Machine Collets MEMs Collet...

  • We welcomed customize design and specification from Global customer.

    Further information please send us inquiry or visit us at LD Booth under Mida Pavillion Malaysia.

  • Solder Paste Mixer
    Trapezoidal Thumbling Machine Epoxy / Solder Paste Mixer...

  • How it works
    Unlike the standard centrifugal concept mixer, the Shaker Array™ utilizes the patented trapezoidal tumbling actions to agitate the contents. The skewed tumbling and alternating action of the contents (solder paste) generated a strong vortex force from within.

    The ventilating opening in the rotating cylinders draw air from outside to accelerate the thawing action. Normally it takes about 20-35 mins to complete the thawing process and another less than 20 mins to mix and soften the contents.

    1) Applicable to both syringe (3,5, & 10cc) and bottle (250 & 500gm) packaging.
    2) Can take up to maximum four(4) syringes and two(2) bottles respectively.
    3) Does not generate the silver “peeling effect” or separation as in the centrifugal concept.
    4) User friendly and minimum maintenance required. One touch switch operation.
    5) Safety features with protective cover and operating interlock switch.
    6) Variable speed controller and digital timer incooperated.

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