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We invite you to meet us at SEMICON SEA at booth number 533

We provide imaging and analysis solutionWe focus on the industrial market with expertise in Hard Disk, Semiconductors, Electronics, PCBA, Automotive and Lab Equipment. We specialise in all range of Microscopy Imaging. Please visit our website for more info at


  • Phenom ProX
    Phenom desktop SEM platform a high-performance SEM for imaging and analysis. With the Phenom ProX desktop SEM, sample structures and elemental composition can be examined. The Phenom SEM microscopes are easy to use and fast to create results....

  • Light optical magnification

    20 - 135x

    Electron optical magnification range

    80 - 150,000x


    < 10 nm (BSED) & < 8 nm (SED)

    Digital zoom

    Max 12x

    Light optical navigation camera


    Acceleration voltages

    • Default: 5 kV, 10 kV and 15 kV
    • Advanced mode: adjustable range between 4.8 kV and 15 kV imaging and analysis mode

    Vacuum modes

    • Charge reduction mode (low vacuum mode)
    • High vacuum mode


    • BSD
    • EDS
    • SED (optional)

    Sample size

    Up to 32 mm (Ø)

    Sample height

    Up to 100 mm (h)

  • CRAIC Technologies™ Microspectrophotometer
    CRAIC Technologies manufactures superior microspectrophotometers for science and industrial applications. CRAIC Technologies specialize in the UV, visible and NIR regions and pride ourselves in making the finest tools for the finest minds....

    • Spectral Range: 200 to 2500 nm
    • UV-visible-NIR transmission microspectroscopy
    • UV-visible-NIR transmission imaging
    • UV-visible-NIR reflectance microspectroscopy
    • UV-visible-NIR reflectance imaging
    • UV-visible-NIR fluorescence microspectroscopy
    • UV-visible-NIR fluorescence micro-imaging
    • Raman microspectroscopy
    • UV-visible-NIR photoluminescence microspectroscopy
    • UV-visible-NIR photoluminescence imaging
    • Polarization microspectroscopy in the UV, visible and NIR regions
    • Polarization microscale imaging in the UV, visible and NIR regions
    • Thin film thickness measurements
    • Colorimetry of microscopic samples
    • Refractive index measurements with the rIQ™ package
    • Manual or fully automated operation
    • Featuring Lightblades™ technology
    • Integrated TE cooled array detectors available for low noise and long term stability
    • Precision temperature control of samples
    • Calibrated, variable measurement areas even smaller than a micron
    • Superior images both with eyepieces and digital imaging
    • Featured with Lambdafire™ spectroscopy and imaging control and analysis software. Lambdafire™ also includes touchscreen control
    • Specialized software modules including statistical analysis, spectra mapping, spectral databasing, image analysis and more
    • Easy to use and maintain
  • Special promotional package
    Special promotional package for phenom SEM + EDX + LEICA TXP...

  • Annoyed by long waiting time for epoxy mounted cross section sample?

    Waiting will be history from now on!

    Experience our hassle free workflow of accurate site-specific preparation of micro-targets for SEM-EDX analysis TODAY!

    Visit us at Booth 533.

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