Musashi Engineering Inc

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MUSASHI takes on the challenge of dispensing technology

Electronics are being advances in reduing the size of personal electronics, such as mobile phone, personal computers, and video cameras. Consequently, advances dispensing systems (precision liquid control systems) of liquid material with super-fine levels of precision are in strong demand. Increasingly sophisticated and individualized needs for dispensing equipment are arising.MUSASHI is a complete manufacturer of dispenser, with the overwhelming share of the dispener market in Japan. MUSASHI is always creating new types of precision liquid control technology for use in complex or just emerging technical fields. MUSASHI makes full use of the leading technologies based on our never ending pursuit of unique technologies, and our accumulation of experience and dispensing knowhow over many many years. We can and do respond to every dispensing need in each industrial field, including electronics such as semiconductors, liquid crystal displays, communications, and electronic parts.We have 80% or more of the market among semiconductor manufacturers. Our corporate customer list includes more than 5,000 companies, including most of the leading corporations. Backed by unbeatable results and reliances above, we aim to be the single largest supplier of dispensing technology to the world in the 21st century. Our basic principles unchanged from the time our company was established. "Integrity" which is at the center of production, "Originality" while creating new values and technologies, and "Challenge" for the desire to cultivate new markets. MUSASHI will keep trying to create "unique seeds" for the new needs in the age.