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Providing solutions for tube and pipe welding preparations.

Orbital Technik was founded in 2007 and today, we provide complete solutions for the highest requirements in tube and pipe welding preparation up to orbital welding – all from one source.

Orbital Technik is your competent partner for orbital tube and pipe preparation and orbital welding technology for industrial piping systems, prefabrication and maintenance. We distribute portable tube saws, tube facing machines, pipe end preparation machines, computer controlled orbital welding power sources as well as closed and open weld heads. There are numerous areas of application.

The key element in our philosophy is the satisfaction of customers. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products and cost-effective solution to our customers. In other words, we endeavor to always be close to the customers’ actual requirements and our wide range of products is based on customer applications. The spectrum ranges from the construction of process plants (ultra-pure media e.g. semiconductor, electronic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology; chemical, food and beverage industry, aviation and aerospace technology, shipbuilding), includes the construction of energy plants (power plants, refineries, oil, gas and petrochemical industry).

The wide range of products is based on our customers’ requirements. Our customers appreciate our sound application and our first-class customer service. Our continuous success is based on our customer-oriented innovations and the quality of our people, products and processes which we constantly strive to improve.


  • ORBIMAT 180 SW
    The Intelligent Orbital Welding Power Supply...

  • This new generation of orbital welding power supplies combines the well-known and successful characteristics of the predecessors with the latest technical innovations:

    1. Online access to projects and parameters
      Thanks to the integrated LAN and WLAN interface, the ORBIMAT 180 SW can be integrated into the customer’s network: Users, planning engineers and quality assurance employees with different user levels have access to projects and data at all times, making it possible to keep track of the entire welding process. All welding data and programs for each individual welding process can be called up and documented in full, analyzed, used and optimized for future welding processes. This way, production sequences can be planned better and are also safer and less time-consuming. The ORBIMAT 180 SW is therefore an important element for establishing more sustainable quality management. 4 USB ports open up forward-looking connectivity.
    2. Intuitive operation and a multilingual menu interface
      The ORBIMAT 180 SW is operated using the 12.4” color touch display screen, or alternatively with the multifunctional control dial, as is familiar from premium automobiles and the ORBIMAT CA series. The multilingual menu interface with graphic support makes operation and parametrization of the welding power supply simple and intuitive. Soft keys provide direct access to important commands. The new ORBIMAT runs with an operating system which reboots smoothly and without data loss, even after the types of abrupt system shut-downs and power failures which can occur on construction sites.
    3. More quality and safety
      The automatic rotor stop function provides improved safety. The ORBIMAT 180 SW also features motor torque control: If the welding head rotor is prevented from rotating by stiffness or an obstruction during automatic rotation, the power supply stops the rotor movement of the welding head immediately. Man and machine are provided with better protection, and costly production downtimes, caused by rejected goods and repairs, are prevented. At the same time, the service life of the welding head is extended.
    4. Shorter welding cycles and more productivity
      In order to minimize the gas pre-flow and post-flow times, ORBITALUM has incorporated the unique Flow-Force function. It shortens the welding process considerably when using closed welding heads: The digital gas control supplies safety gas at a very high volumetric flow rate directly from the pressure reducer to the welding head – the unwanted residual oxygen isflushed out abruptly in the process. The resultant reduced pre-flow and post-flow times make for much shorter processing times and thus a higher level of productivity and an increased duty cycle. The high volumetric flow rate in the post-flow time and the optionally activatable cooling circuit delay reduce the temperature of the welding head – ideal for a high duty cycle. The benefits include a longer service life for the welding electrode. The optionally activatable permanent gas function prevents the penetration of oxygen in the welding head, even during secondary processing times. As a result, the ORBIMAT system achieves almost completely oxidation-free seams with simultaneously short processing times.
    5. Elegant housing for good handling
      The ORBIMAT 180 SW features an elegant and practical housing with carrier handles integrated at the side. The ports on the front of the device are set back for protection from mechanical damage. The hinged lid with display screen, when closed, protects the operating controls, the system printer and the control dial if the device is offline or is being transported. The ORBIMAT 180 SW operates with a wide input voltage range of 110 V to 230 V AC 50/60 Hz, and offsets mains fluctuations of 90 V to 260 V AC. Voltage peaks of up to 500 V AC are offset. At 180 A, the output welding current is suitable for most applications. The ORBIMAT power supply automatically detects and includes the connected system components. The integrated liquid cooling system keeps connected welding tongs and heads constantly at the right temperature.
    Micro Weldhead...

  • The OW 12 with its small-sized modules basic machine, clamping cartridges and clamping inserts. It is the ideal tool for work under tight spaces such as the semiconductor industry, aerospace, pharmaceutical industry as well as the ultra pure water supply sectors.

    All the important commands for welding can be transmitted to the power supply via a control panel built into the robust and durable aluminum handle, so that no additional remote control is required. The removable clamping cartridge enables accurate alignment with the parts to be welded, even where there is very little space.

    • Toolless quick change system for clamping cartridges and clamping inserts
    • Wide clamping cartridge (Type "B") with exchangeable clamping shells for standard applications
    • Extremely narrow clamping cartridges (Type "A") for welding microfittings and for other applications with very limited clamping lengths
    • The head is 5.7 kg (12.6 lbs) light. All connections for electricity, gas and cooling water are firmly integrated in the OW 12
    • To increase productivity, the optional ORBITWIN switching unit allows working with up to two heads in an alternating fashion, thus reducing conversion times and downtimes considerably
    • Including highly flexible hose package (length: 7.5 m/24.6 ft) with strain relief to the power source – optionally extendable to up to 20.0 m (64 ft)

    Micro Weldhead...

  • The OW 19 is the perfect tool when the task involves connections of ultra-high-purity tubes and high-performance tubes, such as are used for example in the semiconductor industry or applications in branches in which high purity and maximum performance are imperative. Even under extremely difficult conditions and in tight spaces the OW 19 produces excellent and reliable quality!

    Its extremely high endurance thanks to the intensive liquid cooling as well as its high-quality robust construction are characteristics which distinguish this micro weld head.

    The 3-part clamping mechanism ensures that the head can be clamped in the most confined spaces, as even when open no parts protrude beyond the contour of the head. Equally, an exact alignment, with no misalignment is guaranteed with the parts to be welded.

    All the important commands for welding can be transmitted to the power supply via a control panel built into the robust and durable aluminum handle, so that no additional remote control is required.

    All orbital welding power sources from Orbitalum automatically detect the head and its properties so that the operator only has to call up his or her specified jointing program and start the joining process before beginning to weld.

    The matching clamping inserts are available in narrow and broad versions and can be inserted into the weld head with just a few simple steps.

    The head is 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs) light. All connections for electricity, gas, cooling water are firmly integrated in the OW 19.

    To increase productivity, the optional ORBITWIN switching unit allows working with up to two heads in an alternating fashion, thus reducing conversion times and downtimes considerably.

    Including highly flexible hose package (length: 7.5 m/24.6 ft) with strain relief to the power source – optionally extendable to up to 20.0 m (64 ft).

  • GFX 3.0
    Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine...

  • Our GFX series is the ideal solution for cutting of thin-walled tubes. The rugged design for a long product life makes the saws especially economical. Furthermore, the long tool lives thereby increase the productivity.

    The GFX series is extremely low maintenance and service-friendly and offers a large range of applications. Materials which can be processed are unalloyed, low-alloy and high-alloy steels, stainless steels, non-ferrous metals, aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, composite materials and plastics.

    As is characteristic for the ORBITALUM pipe saws, the saw allows convenient marking of the cut-off point on the tube with the help of a line laser.

    A second saw blade clamping point enables tube elbows to be cut off. The powerful motor is equipped with overload protection and ergonomic handles and is available for the voltages 230 V, 50/60 Hz or 120 V, 50/60 Hz.

    The cable connection with a quick-release screw coupler enables simple, convenient replacement of the flexible swivel cable. The applications lie mainly in the food processing, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
    • Square, burr-free and cold machining process
    • Deformation-free clamping system especially applicable for thin-walled tubes
    • Easy handling through light weight
    • Simultaneous or seperate cutting and beveling
    • Increased productivity
    • Low-maintenance and service friendly
    • Second saw blade position to cut off elbows
    • Ideal for pressfitting applications
    • Optimized chip flow due to a new vice design
    • Cast iron clamping jaws
    • Integrated line laser to determine the cut off point
    • Ergonomically designed motor handle
    • Powerful drive with 1.2 kW and adjustable speed control for cutting several materials and extended tool life
    • Electronic overload protection with integrated temperature monitor and electronic speed regulation
    • Increased durability of tools due to the new drive GF10
    • Ergonomically positioned speed control adjusting wheel
    • Swivel cable with a quick-disconnect coupler: For easy and quick replacement of powercables
    • Direct mounting on workbench possible with GFX 3.0

  • RPG 1.5
    Tube Squaring Machine...

  • Pipe and installation manufacturers from the high-purity gas, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food processing, beverages, solar and chemical industries benefit from the mobile, high-quality and burr-free processing of pipe ends.

    Due to the quick tool change system, tools, clamping shells and tubes can be easily changed without using any additional equipment. All multifunctional tools (MFW) are two-sided tool bits with protective coating against tool wear. This enables the preparation of tubes made of high-alloy, unalloyed and low-alloy steels and aluminum with high precision very quickly and efficiently.

    With the cordless version, we offer the optimal solution, which is independent of an electricity supply, for extending or repairing an existing plant with limited space availability. The cordless drive was designed to meet customer requirements.

    The machines and accessories are supplied in a handy, durable storage and shipping case – the cordless versions additionally with a 230 V charger for the European market or a 120 V charger for the American market.
    • Squaring tube ends with a high-quality finish
    • Burr-free and square
    • Beveling possible with a special tool holder
    • Quick clamping system for tools, clamping shells and tubes
    • Preparation of thin-walled stainless steel tubes (V4A) and micro fittings
    • High-performance coated tool bit with two cutting edges
    • Micrometer feed for optimum results
    • No additional tools required for operation
    • Space saving, light weight and portable machine for a mobile and secure application
    • Modular design, ensuring compatibility within the RPG series
    • The special adaptor clamping shell allows the RPG 2.5 to be used with the clamping shells for the RPG 1.5 machines.

  • ESG Plus
    Tungsten Grinder...

  • The best solution for a precise and fast preparation of tungsten electrodes. The perfect hand-held grinder for cutting, grinding and planing electrodes which are used in WIG/TIG welding machines.

    The powerful Hand-Tungsten-Grinder for grinding, facing and cutting. One machine – complete electrode preparation:
    • Grinding electrodes:
       – 4 different angles
       – 6 different electrode sizes
    • Facing electrodes
    • Cutting electrodes

    The machines are available with a high-quality and powerful drive with 230 Volt and/or 110 Volt. Machines and accessories are delivered in a durable storage and shipping case.
    • Repeatable points every time due to preset grinding angles
    • Easy and fast to use
    • Optimum preparation for orbital and manual welding
    • Longitudinal grinding for optimum arc ignition and excellent arc stability
    • Guarantees longer tool life and ease of ignition of the tungsten electrode
    • Specially designed for one-off jobs on site
    • Compact design, optimum resilience and perfect reproducibility
    • Functional design
    • Precise orbital grinding
    • Facility for easy trimming of the electrodes (optional)
    • External dust extractor can be easily adapted
    • Short preparation times with high grinding performance
    • No adjustment needs to be done before operation

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