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  • Hirox 3D Digital Microscope
    The Hirox digital microscope (DM), is a microscope that has a camera (CMOS) attached instead of an eyepiece and displays the digitally acquired image on a large monitor....

  • Hirox 3D Digital Microsope

    Hirox Invented video microscope over 30 years ago by creating the first microscope system built entirely around camera and screen – without the need of an eyepiece. 

    Rich of our experience, Hirox keeps leading the way with the latest generation of 3D digital microscopy : the RH-2000. 

    High resolution observation, accurate and fast measurements, full motorized XYZ axis for 3D tiling and much more with just a few clicks. To make your life easier, the user is always at the center of our mind.

    Users of Hirox 3D Digital Microscope can be experienced the very fast and wonderful image with below dominant functions

    2D measurement, Auto Focus, Auto Count, convenient excel reports, and

    3D modelling, 3D measurement, volume and area calculation, roughness measurement, and

    Auto 2D and 3D tiling, wide view 3D Modeling.

    These are because Hirox has the original technologies for 3D Digital Microscope as the creator of digital microscope.

    The exclusive technology of Hirox can be seen at 360 degree view Rotary Head.

    360 degree rotation of the mirror enables the side of the object to be thoroughly observed. The object shape can be freely ascertained in a limited space and in 3D without the need to tilt the lens, object or make complex focus adjustments.

    The resolution of Hirox 3D Digital Microscope is higher than Full HD (1920x1200), at a very fast 50 FPS (special 100 FPS mode) by state-of-art CMOS sensor with improved light sensitivity and very low image noise.

    The new high intensity LED light source provided true colour reproduction (5700K colour temperature) and 30,000 hours life time. 

    When you select Hirox, you will meet the new world of observation object.

  • Infrared Laser Confocal Microscope
    In response to the demands of semiconductor manufacturers for an instrument capable of imaging within a wafer or device in a non-destructive manner, WDI designs and manufactures semi and fully automated Infrared Laser Confocal Microscopes (IRLC)....

  • Unlike conventional inspection systems, the IRLC DEEP SEE utilizes a Near-IR laser and IR optics ideal for non-destructive subsurface interior investigation of silicon wafers, IC chips, MEMS, Solar Panels, and other devices. By taking advantage of the IR transmission characteristics of silicon, the IRLC DEEP SEE is able to conduct high resolution subsurface inspection of features that cannot be seen any other way. 

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