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SHTP - Where innovation grows

Saigon Hi-tech Park (SHTP) is one of Vietnam's three national hi-tech Parks and one of Ho Chi Minh city's five focal economic projects. The Park has received exceptional support from both the central and local governments, as well as from other relevant state agencies to attract foreign investment in hi-tech manufacturing, services, research and development (R&D) and training and incubation.     

With a total area of 913 hectares and a good number of advantages, such as close proximity and close connection with local universities, excellent commuting from downtown city, airports and seaports, on-site redundant and reliable utility solutions, one-stop and fast-track investment service, highest tax incentives by the law and dedicated and experienced staff, SHTP creates a conducive environment for tenants' successful operation.

Sectors of priority

- Microelectronics, Information and Communication Technology

- Precision Mechanics, Automation/Robotics

- Biotechnology in Pharmaceuticals, Medicine and Environment 

- New and Advanced Materials, New Energy and Nanotechnology


  • Piezoresistivity pressure sensor
    Wafer and pressure sensor; ...

  • The pressure sensor was fabricated using SOI wafer (Handle layer: 400 micro; device layer: 15 micro; SiO2 layer: 0.4 micro)
    Dice size: 2.5*2.5 mm;
    Bridge resistance: ~ 1000 ohm
    Input voltage: 3V
    Output span voltage: 30mV +- 10 mV

  • FRED
    Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diode...

  • This FRED was fabricated in cleanroom at SHTP Labs.

  • Application of pressure sensor
    Board using pressure sensor...

  • We use our pressure sensor to measure water level on the street in HCM City. This board measure water level automatically and send data to data center via 3G module.

    From obtain data, we can draw a map of flood situation in HCM city.

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