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Welcome to SILTERRA, A Malaysian-owned Semiconductor Foundry

Silterra Malaysia is a world-class manufacturer and an award-winning 200mm wafer fab offering a full range of semiconductor process technologies and design support services covering our core business in CMOS technologies (Advanced Logic, RFCMOS, Mixed Signal and High Voltage) to leading edge technologies in MEMS, Silicon Photonics, BCD, Power MOSFETs and Bio-photonics.

We are a Malaysian company that is enabling speeds of beyond 100Gbps for next-generation data centers. Our process technology is facilitating innovation like the fastest commercially available long read DNA sequencing chip that is being fabricated in our facility in Kulim, Kedah. Our Malaysian engineers are integrating MEMS sensors into ultra low-leakage transistors to enable next-generation IoT devices to use cost-effective multi-functional chips. 

We are continuously innovating and pushing boundaries in semiconductor wafer processing to support our customers in developing a wide range of applications and solutions that will transform the world. 

Silterra Malaysia is proudly owned by Khazanah Nasional Berhad, the investment holding arm of the Government of Malaysia.


  • MEMS
    Silterra's truly monolithic MEMS on CMOS processing technologies are targeted for RF, Optical & Sensor applications....

  • SilTerra's MEMS on CMOS technology enables MEMS designer to design into single MEMS chip solution, which delivers better product performance at lower package cost as compared to conventional two chip solutions.

  • AutoViu
    Wafer SMIF Pod RFID Reader...

  • 1. Transponder Spec: RFID, ISO 11784 & 11785 HDX FSK, Freq. 134.2kHz

    2. Max 5 loaders (pair of display & RFID)

    3. Ethernet, HSMS, SECS-I (Block Transfer Protocol)

    4. 5" TFT LCD Display, 800x480 Resolution

    Technical Overview:

    1. Read/write transponder embedded in wafer cassettes, pods, FOUPs, reticle boxes, badges

    2. Stores and automatically communicates detailed lot information to a process tool and fab CIM upon arrival at a load port or during transport.

    3. Provides Ethernet communication with a host using SECS-I (Block Transfer Protocol)

    4. Operates 24VDC ±5% by an external power supply module (included)

    5. Inter-module cabling using RJ45-CAT5, easy and quick snap connector

    6. 5" TFT LCD Display with energy saving feature (inactive dim timer)

    7. Rugged anodized aluminum enclosure 

  • Wafer Thin-Film Coating Service
    Silterra offers several types of thin-film material coating on 8" silicon wafer substrate....

  • Semiconductor Equipment Suppliers, IC Package Assembly houses and Universities can perform thin-film material evaluation on their tools.

    Metallic Thin-Film Materials :

    Al, Cu + Cap layer, TiN, Ti, W, Cobalt, TiAlN, AlN, Moli, Ta and TaN.


    Non-Metallic Thin-Film Materials :

    Oxide, SiO2, SiN, TEOS, FSG, USG, BPSG.

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