Teltec Semiconductor Pacific (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

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Welcome to Teltec Semiconductor Pacific (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Teltec Semiconductor Pacific Limited is a leading technical Sales and Service Organization serving the Semiconductor Industry in the Pacific regions for 33 years.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, we have our branch offices set up in Singapore, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur & Penang), Taiwan and Mainland China to serve our customers promptly in the regions.  Teltec Pacific represents leading equipment and material suppliers which include:-

Akrometrix          - Automated flatness inspection systems

AML                     - In-situ aligned wafer bonders

AMP                     - Maskless Lithography Systems

Bruker                 - AFM, 3D optical profilers, stylus profilers, nanoindentors & FTIRs, XRFs.

Denton Vacuum  - Carbon/gold coaters for SEMs, evaporation & sputtering systems

DJ Microlaminates - Thick dry film sheets (for MEMS, Microfluidics)

FSM                     - Metrology systems for film stress and wafer bow measurements

Jelight                 - UVO cleaners, UV curing lamps, EPROM erasers, ozone generators

Microchem          - Photoresists (for Lift-off, MEMS, compound semiconductor & e-beam lithography)

Microtronics       - Solderability testers

Nisene                 - Automated acid decapsulation systems & advanced Plasma decapsulation systems

RTI                       - Automated multi-channels curve tracing systems

OAI                      - Exposure systems, mask aligners, UV meters, solar simulators and IV measuring systems. 

PVA Tepla           - High-speed inline plasma processing systems, atmospheric plasma surface treatment, PECVDs and ALDs

Suhwoo              - Automated strip grinding systems

Sonix                   - High resolution scanning acoustic microscopes for IC packages and wafers

Yxlon Feinfocus - High-resolution x-ray inspection systems & industrial CT systems

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