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UST Global® is a leading provider of end-to-end IT & Engineering services and solutions for Global 1000 companies. Since inception, we have been driven by a larger purpose of “Transforming Lives”. We use a client-centric Global Engagement Model that combines local, senior, on-site resources with the cost, scale and quality advantages of off-shore operations.

Our guiding philosophy of “Fewer Clients, More Attention” has enabled us to become one of the fastest growing digital and technology services company in the world. With over 18,000 professionals spread globally across 25 countries, we consistently deliver value through agile and client-centric engagement models that combine resource diversity with cost, scale and quality advantages of onshore, nearshore and offshore operations. 

Our Digital innovation services have been hailed as world-class by our customers. We adopt Six Sigma practices for developing our client-facing processes. Our centers in India are ISO 27001 certified and we were assessed PCMM level 5 in 2004. These certifications and practices provide a foundation for all UST Global service offerings and enable our clients to benefit. 


  • Baby Monitoring Solution
    The baby monitoring platform by UST Global is based on various sensors transmitting data to the cloud which is accessed by the end user application....

  • Babies can not express their feelings when they feel uncomfortable. A smart baby monitor could reassure parents that baby is healthy, or alarm parents that a healthy baby is sick. Sleep-related risks are highest during the first year of life. UST Global believes we can help by: 

    • Educating parents of a newborn with necessary information about they're baby
    • Better insights of the baby activities via smart phone mobile app
    • The sock can also now be worn on either foot, allowing parents to alternate as well as allow babies to have breathable toes in all sock sizes
    • Sleep practices and patterns
    • Smart phone mobile app shows orientation of baby and notify if anything abnormal in her positions
    • When parents are alone around the house no helpers with the baby

    Our baby monitoring device is a fully automated device. It consists of compact sensors, attached to one of the bay’s feet via padded socks which collects vital information from the baby. The sensor is unobstructive and allows for a natural movement of the baby and continuous monitoring of the vital signs from the baby. The device via the sensors sends data to the gateway (Raspberry pi) which is placed near the baby. The caretaker can monitor the vital information relayed from the gateway via a user-friendly smartphone app

  • Smart Lock Solution
    UST Global's Smart Lock solution is a solution to a problem stated by a client which wanted to have a mechanism to lock and control the cabinet lock with their RFID access card. This enables a user to lock and unlock a cabinet without the needs of keys....

  • Among the benefits of this solution are: 

    • Secure – Intelligent, secure access for cabinets using a RFID badge. Never worry about losing your keys again
    • Total Control – You control who has access to your cabinet and manage how long their access lasts
    • Always On – They can be  powered by batteries, so it’s always on, even if your power, Wi-Fi, or cable go down, cabinets will be in locked state
    • Network – Can work with local network or Wi-Fi enables admin to control your cabinet on IOT Technology
    • Analytics – Daily stored data can be used to visualize cabin’s usage and un-used cabins to allocate for needy users.

    Among features supported are: 

    • User authentication driven unlocking of drawers, Strongly encrypted communication between cabinet and gateway
    • Fully integrated into Customer’s database, network system and firewalls
    • Provides secure OTP for each drawer unlock, Alert/alarm system for unconsolidated drawer unlock
    • Database maintenance of items in drawer and items withdrawn by users, Foolproof item withdrawal system using the items barcode
    • Designed large touchscreen for optimum user experience, Modular drawer daisy chain system
    • Security on power failure and/or device failure, Aggregation of cabinets into a central gateway for optimum cloud communication
    • Administrative on-cabinet management console for drawer unlock in case of catastrophic failures
    • Cabinet supports many management commands from cloud, Cabinet mechanical design done to fit security and modular features (3 Drawer sizes)
    • Statistical inventory information available from cloud for administration  
    • Role-based user segregation
    • Low power consumption due to always-off lock system
    • Direct cloud control of locks possible
    • High security of gateway cloud communication with multiple checkpoints for each transaction to ensure rogue transactions are blocked
    • Designed & Developed Custom firmware, gateway software from scratch, including driver development
  • Smart Dustbin
    The Smart Dustbin is one way UST Global uses its CHIP2CLOUD capabilities to help in making waste management much more effective. This solution enables governments or organizations in achieving it's goals in becoming cleaner, greener and safer....

  • One of the necessary process of a smart environment is it's Waste Management system. Government bodies utilise vehicles to collect waste from entire city. This service is however limited to high visible areas, thus making this existing system sporadic and inefficient.

    UST Global aims to provide improved solution and can be divided into two parts: Collection and  Transport. We plan on using digital methods to increase collection in residential areas. Among the technologies used include: 

    • Dashboards to provide live graph of filled percentage of the trash cans
    • Dashboards for health monitoring by providing CO2 and other bio sensors. This would help in prioritizing collection process and make environment pollution prediction
    • Analytics to work on arranging inventory and fleet management for collection
    • Smart phone apps to provide navigation maps makes it easier for drivers to navigate to pick-up loctions in an optimised route 

    Advantages of using our solution are: 

    • Collection rate can be increased by 50% by optimized and prioritized areas based on the trash bin filled percentage
    • The use of proper IoT protocols designed for constrained environment like MQTT provides efficient usage of sensors energy consumption
    • Identification of trash cans using RFID/QR code
    • Zigbee and GSM / GPRS technologies to support forest/low network areas
  • CHIP2CLOUD (C2C) Platform
    C2C is a middle-ware platform for developing and managing end-to-end IoT solutions, connected applications and smart products. C2C provides a feature-rich toolkit for IoT product development and reduces associated costs, risks and time-to-market....

  • Chip to Cloud connects your devices, sensors and gateways together through the IoT cloud and enables real-time secure data exchange beyween them. UST Global's Chip to Cloud platform IoT solutions provides secure, bidirectional & multi-communication between devices, numbering in the millions and a customisable end-to-end solution. 

    • Solution can be hosted on premise, public and private servers, data security and privacy at finger tips.
    • Framework built to support plug-n-play layers between edge devices, hardware gateway and software gateway. All layers can be used independently and supports flexibility of mix and match.
    • Support of multiple communication Protocols like MQTT, TCP/IP, CoAP, WebSocket, Wi-fi and Bluetooth
    • Built on scalable event listener engine, designed to ingest and analyze billions of connected events
    • Flexible and re-usable and supports multiple data formats in text or audio and video formats
    • Platform is built on Open Source and in-house framework components. Supports on Full stack: embedded development to data analytics, machine learning, visualization, etc.
    • Technology ownership also platform provides developer guides, sample implementations, vast use cases for developers and new joiners.
    • Interoperability and third-party integration with any 3rd party data providers.
    • Connectivity to the platform with voice and text based assistants ( e.g., Amazon Alexa)
    • Real-Time Insights - Contextualize and analyze real-time IoT data with visualization graphs and dashboard screens
    • Platform supports and expose REST API’s for developers to use and integrate with their own applications.

    UST Global is experienced in designing tailor made solutions from hardware / embedded devices to software gateway platforms. 

  • Automotive and Telematics Solutions
    The automotive industry is a constantly evolving industry . UST Global offers out automotive and telematics solutions towards the advancement of this industry as well as meeting your logistical needs accordingly....

  • Our telematics solutions assist in managing your logistical needs. With technologies such as real time tracking, geo-fencing, dashboard, eco compliance, we ensure that you have the capabilities in managing your logistics effectively and tracking your fleet precisely. Our fleet tracking solutions also enable instant alerts if problems are encountered, sending notifications to the operations office, terminals or repair vendors for immediate action to be taken. 

    Our automotive solutions include the development of instrument clusters, telematics, basic software in ECU using AUTOSAR, driver assistance systems, navigation and in-vehicle infotainment systems. UST Global is commited in our automotive solutions in ensuring the drive of the future is a well-connected, safe and enjoyable drive. 

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