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ACCOTEST - Analog & Mixed Signal Test system ; VERSUM - Specially formulated surfactant for dicing and cleaning products for test, assembly & Packaging of IC chips industry. ; APT - Voids free oven solutions provider. ; COORSTEK (Gaiser Tools) - Bonding capillaries, wedges and die collets. ; MICROVISION - Mark/Lead Inspection system, tube-tube cum tape/reel for gull wing, QFN, PDIP & PLCC.  Mark/Lead/Ball Inspection system, tray to tray cum tape/reel for BGA, QFP & QFN. ; SPIRE - Providing Photovoltaic technology in developing processes and equipment for manufacturing state-of-the-art high performance Solar Modules. ; HENTEC (RPS) - Solderability Testers, Wetting Balance, Steam Ager, Ionic Cleanliness Tester & Robotic Solder Dipping system. ; WEB -  Burn-in Board Loader/Unloader, Fine/Gross Leak Preconditioning system, Bubble Detection system, NID Gross Leak Vapor Detection system, Centrifuge system & fixturing. ; UVP - UV light sources & Eprom Erasers. ; WINWAY - High Performance Test Socket, CMOS/RF/Memory Module Test, Sockets & Vertical Probe Cards ; WIRETECH - Silver wire for bonding.  ; FIXWELL - Board repair for ATE circuit board repair on Logic and Memory testers platform. ; Rubis tweezers and handling tools ; Virtual vacuum pick up tools.

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