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Vital Vision is the leading machine vision components technologies supplier for South East Asia. We stocks and distribute a wide range of the latest machine components from digital/analog cameras, frame grabbers, Lenses, optics, lightings solutions, imaging libraries and so on. 

Our core team consist of a group of highly trained experienced vision engineers specialise in different field, from optics to software to vision systems to provide the highest level of engineering supports, and a team of dedicated shipping admin and logistic team to ensure items ordered are delivered on time!

 Press Releases

  • Vital Vision specializes in Machine Vision Technologies and Vision Components distributions for South East Asia for more than a decade.

    Providing Engineering Design-in services for vision industries for automation.

    Product & Services:

    • USB3 Cameras for Industrial application
    • Camera Link Cameras for Industrial application
    • GigE Cameras for Industrial application
    • Coaxpress Cameras for Industrial application
    • Firewire 1394 Cameras for Industrial application
    • Pixel-shift super high resolution cameras
    • SDI / HDMI Cameras
    • Area and Line Scan Cameras
    • Standard and Robotic Cabling for vision system
    • Frame Grabbers , Interface cards
    • Optics, Lenses accessories
    • Telecentric lenses for measurement
    • Image Processing software
    • Illuminations system  for machine vision application
    • 3D imaging system


  • Adaptive Vision
    Adaptive Vision Studio does not require the user to have any experience in low-level programming. Nevertheless, it is a highly specialized tool for professional engineers and a fully-fledged visual programming language. ...

  • Adaptive Vision Studio software is the most powerful graphical environment for machine vision engineers. It is based on dataflow and comes with a comprehensive set of powerful, ready-for-use image analysis filters. 
    Experience in low-level programming is not required. Nevertheless, it is a fully fledged visual programming language and you have to understand its 4 concepts: Data, Filters, Connections and Macrofilters.
    Unique features of Adaptive Vision Studio
    1)Intuitive: Drag & drop workflow -  Quick and easy for typical applications
    Choose ready-for-use filters and connect them
    •Focus on machine vision, do not write code
    2) Intuitive: You can see everything
    •Flexible data previews
    •Diagnostic outputs
    •Real-time update after changing parameters
    •Clean and explicit structure of the program + hierarchy
    3)Intuitive: HMI
    •Algorithm + HMI = Program
    •Everything in a single environment
    4)  Powerful: Performance
    •SSE instructions
    •Multi-core processors
    Our Offer:
    Comprehensive access to industrial image analysis technology:
    •1000+ high performance functions
    •Rapid development environment
    •Support and know-how
    •Bespoke software engineering

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