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Voltrium Systems is a value-added distributor for computer vision / machine vision components. We serve customers whom are making vision solutions in a myriad of applications in many industries. 

Our team

Our team consists of (1) experienced vision specialists, (2) skilful application / support engineers & software engineers and (3) committed marketing & sales support personnel, working in a concerted effort in bringing value for our customers & partners.

Our products: 

  1. Fanless embedded computers to cater to a spectrum of industries (For machine automation, machine vision, transportation, GPU computing, surveillance and video analytics)

  1. Machine Vision Cameras & peripherals 
  • All interfaces : [10GigE, GigE, USB3, USB2, Firewire,Cameralink, Coaxpress] 
  • 2D & 3D cameras
  • Area Scan, Line Scan & TDI Line Scan cameras
  • Pixel-Shifting Technology cameras
  • Peltier-Cooling Technology cameras

  1. Image processing software

  1. Comprehensive Range of FA Lenses, Telecentric Lenses, Bi-telecentric lenses, Auto-focus lenses

  1. Industrial LED Illumination

Our services

  1. We offer consultation & technical support for systems validation and quality technical support and quality products at cost-effective prices.

  1. We strive to provide customers with the best (1) pre-sales "design-in" consultation, (2) proving of concept for selection of vision components through testing support & (3) post-sales integration support.


  • Nuvo-5026E Series
    Nuvo-5026E fanless embedded computer is the latest Nuvo-5000 family member with dual PCIe slots which enhance expansion abilities while preserving all practical features....

  • Nuvo-5026E fanless embedded computer is the latest Nuvo-5000 family member with dual PCIe slots. The dual PCIe slots enhance expansion abilities while preserving all practical features such as ruggedness, performance and versatility.

    The expandability makes Nuvo-5026E more adaptable to various application needs while the two PCle slots in the patented expansion Cassette are easy to access for PCIe card installation without the need to disassemble the system.

    Nuvo-5026E supports LGA1151 6th Gen Core™ processors. It offers processor selection flexibility from Core™ i7 to Celeron according to performance needs and operating environment. It also offers plenty of I/O functions such as 6x GbE, 4x USB3.0, 3x COM ports and triple independent display. In addition, Neousys' MezIO™ interface can also further expand system I/Os offering up to either 11x COM ports, 10x GbE, 8x USB3.0, 32x DIO or ignition power control by installing an optional MezIO™ module.

    Nuvo-5026E is an expandable and flexible platform with numerous I/O functions for various industrial applications.

  • Oryx 5.0 MP (10GigE interface)
    Technical Specifications : 5MP / 2448 x 2048 at 162 FPS Global shutter Mono & Color Available C-mount...

  • The Oryx 10GigE camera family supports transfer speeds up to 10Gbit/s, enabling the capture of 5MP images at 163FPS.

    Oryx’s 10GBASE-T interface is a proven and widely deployed standard that provides reliable image transfer at cable lengths greater than 50m on inexpensive CAT6A, or 30m on CAT5e.

    The 10GBASE-T standard is supported by a robust consumer ecosystem. On-camera features including IEEE1588 clock synchronization and full compatibility with popular third-party software supporting GigE Vision, gives integrators the tools to quickly develop innovative solutions.

  • Auto-Focus C-Mount Lens Module
    KEY FEATURES -Variable focus from 12 cm to infinity -Silent -Supports I2C - Analog - RS232 - SPI interfaces -Supports closed loop operation...

  • This product is an electronically focus controllable C-Mount objective, based on the Arctic 39N0 Liquid Lens.

    It incorporates all necessary electronic components to drive the Liquid Lens, and just needs a DC power supply; focus can be controlled through either an RS232, I²C, Analog or SPI input. With a 25 mm EFL, and compatible with 2/3" sensors, it is specifically designed for machine vision applications

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