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Ag Pro has the philosophy of long-term development and natural coexistence. We are devoted to the study of nano-micron silver powder and nano-micron copper powder as the key applied materials. We are playing a very important role of green energy industry: to make the root of fundamental scientific microelectronic materials of green energy industries (electronic industry, electric machinery industry, communication industry) to stay in Taiwan and become the foundation of applied materials in the whole world.

We have aimed for research and development to popularize product diversity, promote competitiveness and open up new market for years. Base on our core techniques to introduce nano-micron silver powder and nano-micron copper powder for the microelectronic thermal conduction applied materials. While concerning for self- development, we regard exalting the ability of making profits and enhancing the competitiveness of our customers as our important goal.

Main products:
1. Nano, Sub micro, Micro metal powder
   - Ag : Spherical silver powder, silver flake, silver powder

   - Cu : D50 : 2.0μm copper powder

   - Ag/Pd : D50<=2.0um silver -palladium powder

2. Customized Product
   - Electrically and thermally conductive metallization paste


  • Silver Powder
    The silver powder/flake mainly used in front and backside silver paste for solar cell (PV), electrode paste for multilayer components, the medium-high temperature sintered conductive paste, and variety conductive silver paste....

  • 1. Property:

       - Powder  structure / Flake structure

       - Excellent size distribution

       - High tap desity

       - High purity

    2.  Application :

        Silver powder/flake mainly used in making silver paste, apply for :

        - Solar cell (PV)

        - Electronic components

           ex.LTCC, passive components(LCR), thermistor, mocrowve device, piezoelectric element, etc.

         - Photoelectric Application

           ex.conductive adhesive paste, screen printing conductive paste for IC&LEDs, Touch panel, PDP, PCB industries.

  • Silver Paste
    Silver paste has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, widely used in the electronic components and photoelectric applications....

  • - LED application : 

    • Printable conducitve silver paste for ceramic substrate
    • Silver adhesive

    - Passive componets  :

    • Multi-layer electronice components silver paste 
    • High-temperature firing silver psetes 
      • LTCC 
      • Multi-layer passive components- MLCC, Inductor, etc.
      • Chip components - SMD chip (Varistor, PPTC, PTC/NTC, thermistor)
      • Disc passive components - semi conductive capacitor, ceramic capacitor
      • Piezoelectric ceramic components - Buzzer, Piezoelectric ceramic
      • Microwave devices-GPS, RFID
      • Swithc ,Circuit breaker, Relay -Eelectrical contact materials

    - Photoelectric applicaion :

    • Touch  panel device - medium-temperature firing conductive silver paste
    • Touch panel device, PET, PCB, FPC- silver photoresist adhesive, low-temperature curing conductive silver paste
    • Silver adhesive

    - Solar cell paste  

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