Disco Hi-Tec (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

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Bringing science to comfortable living

Originally a small producer of abrasives when founded in 1937, DISCO has transformed itself into a leading manufacturer of precision machinery and diamond products. Disco’s Mission is to advance “Kiru” (Cutting), “Kezuru” (Grinding) and “Migaku” (Polishing) technologies and support the development of leading edge science to benefit everyday life. We provide the following solutions to your dicing and grinding needs: 1. Thin Wafer grinding of up to 300mm for Assembly applications - DBG System 2. New Fully Automatic Grinder/Polisher DGP8761 & DFM2800 for the processing of ultra thin wafer together with the newly developed pad for stress relief polishing to realize higher productivity. 3. High speed & throughput, state of the art dicing saw - Fully Auto Dicing Saw, 6000 Series. 4. Stress Relief Solution for Smartcard, Stacked Die and Thin wafers -Fully Auto Surface Polisher, 8000 Series. 5. Laser grooving solution for Low-K devices and Die Attached film (DAF) - Fully Auto Laser Saw, Model 7160. And the latest 7000 series lineup including the 7260, 7340 and 7360 for dual laser oscillators and stealth dicing respectively. 6. High torque, hard material dicing capability - Auto Dicing Saw, Model 3350. 7. Other dicing and cutting saw to meet vast application needs - (300/500/600 Series). 8. Disco Precision Diamond Blades, Grinding Wheels and Polishing Pad. 9. Supporting equipment and consumables for Dicing and Grinding solutions.