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DAS is the distributor for PHOTRON high speed camera.

PHOTRON High Speed Camera, made in Japan, are widely used in:

  • Semicon Industry (Wire-bonding, die-bonding, tape&reel, etc)

  • FMCG Packaging process - Engineering Research (Drop test for electronics products such as mobile phone, etc)

  • Ballastic, Impact, material testing.

  • Medical science. Study of blood cells under the microscope

  • Electronic Manufacturing (PCB Assembly, SMT process)


  • Detecting and troubleshooting of mechanical failure during high speed process

  • Analysis of high speed dynamic such as shock, impact and stress analysis

  • Capturing and analysis of high speed automation process frame by frame so as to see the “unseen” problem

More information is available at www.photonics.com.sg


  • Photron PhotoCam SpeederV2 High Speed Camera
    The PhotoCam SpeederV2 from Photron is a portable, standalone high-speed camera system designed to allow production line workers to quickly identify and fix problems in automated environments....

  • The PhotoCam SpeederV2 features one or two miniature camera heads tethered to a compact control unit. Camera control, along with video display and playback, is accomplished via the integrated 7-inch LCD touch screen display, making the SpeederV2 a truly portable and standalone system that can be fully utilized without a computer or network infrastructure. Due to the easy operation of the SpeederV2, you do not need to be a professional photographer to effectively run the system.


    • Portable, standalone system (no computer required)

    • Frame Rate Performance Examples:

      • 2,000fps at 512 x 512 pixels

      • 3,000fps at 512 x 352 pixels

      • 4,000fps at 512 x 256 pixels

      • 8,000fps at 512 x 128 pixels

      • 10,000fps at 512 x 96 pixels

    • Two video recording modes:

      • Speed Priority Mode for high frame rate video capture to internal memory
      • Time Priority Mode for extended duration video capture to SSD

    • 1 or 2 miniature camera heads

      • 35mm x 35mm x35mm
      • 90g

    • System control via LCD Remote Touch Screen

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