E-Materials (M) Sdn Bhd

Selangor,  Shah Alam 
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Providing permanent business solutions since year 2002.

Incorporated in 2002, E-Materials (M) Sdn Bhd is a well established product and solution service provider in protective coating and adhesive for Electronics, LED, Automotive and Solar Industry which located at Shah Alam and Penang. We have access to a wide range of products, from Dow Chemical silicone materials for electronics industries, Samsung Cheil Industries on Epoxy Molding Compound, Unilam on UV bulb, Sanyu Jushi on Polyurethane and Expoxy materials, and Tekscan on tactile pressure and force measuring system and other materials and equipments.

As for solution services, you can have our word in providing full support from Product Change Notification, Certifications from Suppliers, R&D Processes.



  • Dow Chemical(Formerly known as Dow Corning)
    Brand famous for its high performance silicone in terms of hardness, thermal conductivity, refractive index and mold-ability....

  • Dow Chemical (or previously to be known as Dow Corning) is one of the well know brands in semiconductor industry as encapsulating, filling, die attach and other sealing applications have one of the best performance silicone in the world. 
  • Sanyu Jushi
    Semiconductor grade materials than can be used for potting, filling, adhesive, encapsulating and coating using Epoxy and Polyurethane....

  • Sanyu Jushi is a brand of Sanyu REC Co. Ltd of Japan, it is one of the leading manufacturerers of Epoxy resin, hardener, powder as well as polyurethane, ultra violet (UV) and Chip On Board (COB) resins.

    The brand has been active since 1998 until present, it now has the capabilities to formulate various products in order to meet the unique requirements of most customers from various industries.

    Manufacturer with more than 13 years of history. Specialize in Polyurethane, Silicone and Epoxy. With short lead time and more competitive prices, SEPNA can save your production with promised quality....

  • SEPNA, a China company with Switzerland technology, with 14 years of history, the company is able to producle a consistent standard of polyurethane, silicone, epoxy sealant and adhesives. Their materials spans from semiconductor industry to many other fields such as automative, LED, aviation, ship,  construction, electronics, solar power and etc. 
  • Tekscan
    Pressure mapping, Force measurement and tactile sensors...

  • Tekscan's tactile force and presure sensing solutions provide customers with actionable information they need, to optimize product design and/or improve clinical and research outcomes. 

    These systems can be used for embedding, test and measurement and/or stand-alone solutions accross large range of industries (dental, clinical, wafer level, semiconductor, textile, rollers).

  • Nordson EFD
    World's leading designer and manufacturer of precision dispensing systems....

  • Dispensing system manufacturers with extreme accuracy and consistency. Since 1963, Nordson EFD has been aiding companies in gaining competitive edge with lower production costs, higher productivity and improved quality.

    From dispensing tips, syringe barrels, table-top dispensing systems, automated dispensing system and others.

    Automated dispensing machinery...

  • The combination of accurate, consistent dispensing and fully automated tools within a brand. From table top systems to large gantry inline systems, Fisnar has it all.

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