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BTH 717 Your Solution in Contamination & Trusted Measurement

Started 1996, since then, customers turn to Enviroterm for solutions on their testing and measuring needs in micro contaminations, indoor air quality, water analysis, velocity, flow, pressure, moisture and many others challenges. In industries as diverse as data storage, semiconductors, solar cell, chemicals, medical devices, analytical instrumentation, bio-pharmaceuticals and etc. Enviroterm provides undivided focus on specified industrial needs, with vast array of measurement products catered for these different markets.

We provide our expertise in:-

  • Micro contamination Control in Air, water and gases
  • Ambient particle research and aerosol science
  • Industrial Hygiene, Health and Safety
  • Indoor Air Quality, Energy and comfort
  • Thermal Validation Solution for biopharmaceutical and medical industries
  • includes IQ/OQ services
  • General Test and Measuring Instruments

To date, we have three offices across Malaysia, covering the Northern region, Central, East Malaysia and Southern region.
In our head office and northern office, we are well equipped with full pledge service capability.

KL: 603-8943 4558         PG: 604-331 1371         JB: 607-236 2768 



  • Aerosol Particle Counter Lasair III 110
    The Lasair® III 110 Airborne Particle Counter is a laser diode-based true 0.10 μm particle counter with 1.00 CFM flow rate. ...

  • FEATURES             

    • Diode laser
    • Eight user-adjustable size channels from 0.1 to 5.0 μm
    • Saves up to 10,000 samples for review, sorting, data filtering and printing
    • USB data download to flash memory key 
    • Built-in thermal printer
    • Large, 8.4 in. color touchscreen display for simplified use
    • Quiet carbon-free blower/pump for portable application
    • Integrates up to four environmental sensors
    • Optional high-efficiency exhaust filter for ISO Class 1-2
    • Optional onboard batteries for over 7 hours continuous mobile use


    • Cleanroom and minienvironment monitoring
    • High-sensitivity applications
    • Facility certification to ISO 14644-1 or FS 209E
    • Troubleshooting/mobile applications
    • Manifold sampling (with Aerosol Manifold II)
    • Process gas monitoring (with High Pressure Diffuser)
    • Ultraclean zones (ISO 1-2)
  • Nano Particle Counter
    The Nano-ID® NPC10 Aerosol Particle Counter is the first condensation particle counter specifically developed for ultra-clean manufacturing environments. It provides meaningful data fast by introducing fluid to capture even the smallest particles....


    • 10 nm sensitivity
    • 2.83 LPM sample flow rate
    • Up to 2,000 hours continuous run time 
    • Large color IR touchscreen display
    • Data export via Ethernet interface and USB
    • Sample high-pressure gases using an optional high-pressure diffuser


    Continuous and Unattended Operation

    • Working fluid reservoir only needs fluid replenished at about 2,000 hours of use

    Working Fluid

    • Does not use n-butyl or isopropyl alcohol
    • No special handling and storage requirements as are associated with alcohol-base fluids

    Data Storage

    • Internal memory can store one year of data


    • Quiet pump provides regulated sample flow



    • Point-of-use monitoring troubleshooting

    Disk Drive

    • 2.8 LPM flow rate does not disrupt air flow and 10 nm sensitivity provides essential data for hard disk manufacturing

    Quality Control

    • Manufacturing quality control of ultra-fine nanoparticles size distribution during synthesis

    Air Quality Monitoring

    • Detection of airborne ultra-fine and nanoparticles in workplaces and other sensitive environments

    Exposure Monitoring

    • Risk assessment of exposure to airborne nanoobjects and exposure-dose relationships

  • Airnet® II 4 Channel Air Particle Sensor
    The Airnet® II 4 Channel Air Particle Sensor meets the specifications of ISO 21501-4 to measure the size and number of particles suspended in the air for real-time monitoring of defect-causing particles....


    Reduce Defects

    • Real-time monitoring of defect-causing particles
    • Proven technology provides reliable and accurate data
    • Users can react immediately to particle contamination events
    • Meets ISO 21501-4


    • Low-cost solution for multi-point monitoring
    • Small footprint and flexible mounting options make it easy to install in  cleanrooms and mini-environments
    • Easy to clean/wipe down; designed to minimize particle traps
    • Rugged, chemical-resistant Polycarbonate enclosure
    • Long-life laser diode
    • Dynamic flow sensing system alarm shuts down laser if instrument flow deviates15%
    • Power over Ethernet (PoE) simplifies installations
    • Optional 24 VDC input / 4-20 mA output configurations available


    • Cleanroom monitoring
    • Dedicated monitoring of critical locations  
    • Multi-location monitoring
  • Ultra DI® 20
    Ultra DI particle counters are designed and optimized for the world’s most advanced ultrapure water monitoring needs. By counting and sizing particles as small as 20 nm, • Low zero-count • Large sample volume • High counting efficiency...


    • Local data display
    • Larger sample volumes and ultra-low zero counts detect smaller excursions with more relevant statistical data
    • Utilizes existing network with ethernet communication
    • Connects directly to PLC and SCADA systems with 4-20mA
    • Compatible with ozonated water
    • Stainless steel housing and dual HEPA filtration for use in clean environments


    • Save operator time with fast cleanup and the ability to move quickly from one sample point to another
    • Speed up analysis time by using shorter sample intervals
    • Respond immediately to contamination with real-time particle measurement
    • FacilityNet Software provides more sophisticated process control
    • Set tighter process control limits with low sample-to-sample variation


    • Quantifying particle concentration in state- of-the-art ultra pure water (UPW) systems
    • Filter efficiency measurements
    • Trending analysis at lower particle concentrations
    • Detecting bacterial growth in UPW systems
    • Episodic event tracking and alarming
    • Continuous system monitoring
    • Manufacturing process control
  • UltraChem® 40 Particle Counter
    The SLS Syringe Sampling System is ideal for applications where precise, small-volume sampling is needed. The system consists of a syringe sampler for either corrosive or non-corrosive liquids. ...


    NanoVision Technology

    • Adaptive technology makes the instrument immune to most optical contamination
    • See what your particle counter sees
    • Measures small particles in a wide range of chemicals, including high molecular scattering fluids. Chemicals include: PGMEA, Photoresist solvents, HF, Sulfuric acid


    • Small sample volume minimizes waste of expensive product
    • Automated system saves time and money
    • Compatibility with both corrosive and non-corrosive liquids


    • Menu-driven data collection
    • Recipes can be created and retrieved for repeatable system operation with different operators
    • Optional password security maintains system integrity


    • Ability to support a wide range of applications
    • Size channels: 40, 70, 100 125 nm
    • Extremely accurate measurements
  • Aerosol Particle Counter Lasair III 310
    The Lasair III Particle Counter is available in three different flow rate configurations (1 CFM, 50 LPM and 100 LPM) to meet a variety of cleanroom applications. It can be used for routine remote and mobile cleanroom monitoring....


    • 100 LPM, 50 LPM, or 1 CFM flow rates available
    • 100 LPM flow samples 1 m3 in 10 minutes
    • ISO 21501-4 compliant with a built-in pulse height analyzer (PHA). Available with ISO 17025 calibration certificate. (Optional)
    • Large, 8.4 inch IR touchscreen can be used when wearing gloves for simplified use
    • Calculates and creates reports for ISO 14644-1:1999, ISO 14644-1:2015, EC GMP Annex 1, China GMP, and FS 209E
    • Access via a Web browser
    • Compatible with common cleanroom cleaning chemicals
    • Choose from 12 languages for display and printout
    • ISO 14644-1:2015 Compliant

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