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Please visit our booth 225 for your FA, QA & process needs.

Alex Corporation group dedicates its business to the R & D, manufacturing and institutions of this region. We specialist in Ultrasonic cleaning applications systems Solutions and various QA/FA Instruments. We provide an extensive range of ultrasonic cleaning solutions; Portable ultrasonic cleaner, Precision Industries Ultrasonic Cleaners, Multi-Purpose ultrasonic cutters, and multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaners Sole Distributor of Shimadzu Real Time X-Ray inspection or CT systems for Singapore and Malaysia. Application includes TSV, solder ball, solder joint, copper/gold wire, MEMS, electronic packages, semiconductor devices & composite materials inspection. Other products that we handle are optical inspections system, measuring equipments, environmental chambers and cross section equipments.


  • Shimadzu SMX1000 Plus
    The SMX-1000 Plus and SMX-1000L Plus X-ray inspection systems are a further refinement of their popular predecessors, the SMX-1000 and SMX-1000L, which have become the benchmarks of the industry. ...

  • The operability so well received in earlier models has been further improved, resulting in much simpler and easier-to-see windows.
    The enlarged fluoroscopic exterior image view provides a new level of visibility.
    The measurement functions are so much easier to use that results can now be obtained with just a click, and require no complicated parameter settings.
    New functions such as enhanced region-of-interest display have been incorporated, complementing a wealth of conventional functions including navigation via exterior images, step feed, teaching, and image browsing.

    Both the SMX-1000 Plus and SMX-1000L Plus provide high-magnification nondestructive fluoroscopic examinations of junction conditions (disconnect, contact) of ultra-micro parts on high-density PCBs, BGAs, CSPs, or system LSIs.

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