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Welcome to the Evatec Thin Film Powerhouse

Evatec delivers complete thin film production solutions for Advanced Packaging, Power Devices, MEMS, Wireless Communication, Optoelectronics and Photonics. Choose from our range of batch, cluster and inline platform architectures for deposition of metals, TCOs, dielectrics and a whole range of compounds according to your process, throughput and factory integration requirements.

From the deposition of next generation AlScN piezoelectric materials enabling 5G on CLUSTERLINE  to cost effective high performance EMI shielding processes on SOLARIS and perfect "lift off" solutions on the BAK Evaporator, our production tools offer proven reliability and flexibility for some of the longest lifetimes in the industry.  

In Advanced Packaging , HEXAGON and CLUSTERLINE deliver high yield UBM/RDL processes with stable low Rc values at throughputs of up to 56wph in Fan-Out Wafer Level Processing ( FOWLP) . Combining our atmospheric batch degas, etch and deposition technologies achieves even lower Rc values needed for contacts and interconnects for power management in upcoming IOT applications.  Knowhow from FOWLP combined with capability in panel handling now enables Evatec to deliver high yield Fan-Out Panel Level Process  ( FOPLP) solutions too.

In Photonics we deliver complete soltions for the production of high performance optical components used for Face recognition and 3D sensing in smart consumer devices on CLUSTERLINE RAD. 


    Putting you ahead in Advanced Packaging on 300mm, HEXAGON drives down your production costs down the lowest cost of ownership in UBM, RDL, TSV and Fan-out (FOWLP)...

  • HEXAGON is a dedicated wafer level packaging platform for volume production combining Evatec degas, etch and metallization technologies with  "high speed indexer" technology to bring you the highest throughputs.

    High Throughput with Reduced Cleanroom Footprint

    • Parallel wafer transfer by synchronous indexer enables high speed wafer processing
    • Shield kit lifetimes of >10000 wafers with enhanced uptime and reduced maintenance
    • Footprint less than 10 square metres

    Proven Knowhow in Degas, Etch and Metals Deposition

    • Dedicated degasser options for all WLP processes including Fanout- Chuck, High Pressure or Batch
    • Arctic IP etch capabiity
    • Pulsed DC or Highly Ionised Sputter ( HIS) source technologies

    To find out more read the HEXAGON brochure online by clicking here

    The CLUSTERLINE RAD high throughput sputter cluster is the tool of choice for high precision NIR bandpass filters for 3D Sensing and Face Recognition applications....

  • CLUSTERLINE RAD is a 200mm sputter platform integrating batch process module technology for high throughput deposition of TCOs, mult metal layers and high accuracy dielectrics for complex optical stacks in Photonics, LED and Optical MEMS.   its the tool of choice of the NIR bandpass filters used for Face Recognition and 3D Sensing applications in smart consumer devices

    To find out more about the tool click here

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