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Your reliable solution provider in nanotechnology.

Extrad Instrumentation Pte Ltd is focus to provide solution and enhancement in the field of electron microscopy within the ASEAN region. We are committed to serve customers from the semiconductor, life science and material research segment with special emphasis in Nanotechnology with exclusive distributorship for products from Gatan, Kleindiek Nanotechnik, and DENS Solution.


  • Prober Shuttle (PS4)
    High-end in situ electrical Probing tool in SEM and FIB/SEM...

  • The Prober Shuttle is our latest tool for high-precision in-situ electrical nanoprobing. In order to realise our vision for this product, we developed an ultra-flat three-axis manipulator with unmatched stability and precision - the MM4. The Prober Shuttle can be comprised of either two or eight probes with the option of an ultra-flat two-axis or three-axis substage.

    The entire height of the system is 9 mm, making it compatible with a wide range of SEM load-locks and thus helping you to achieve a higher sample throughput. The Prober Shuttle also offers low-current, low-capacity measurement capability and is fully compatible to the Advanced Probing Tools hardware and software suite including the Live Contact Tester and Electron Beam Induced Current imaging modules.

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