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Hi-Tech Instruments Sdn Bhd was founded by a team of experienced and technology-oriented Engineers, with local offices in Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan.

The specialized knowledge in the fields of electron-, ion, laser-, acoustics-, X-Rays-, Infrared- and light optics have maintained our business positioning at the cutting edge to fulfill the requirements of nano-technology, bio-technology and semiconductor industry.

Our cumulated experiences in these specialized fields of advanced imaging, surface and subsurface analysis utilizing the principles of physics have enable the team to deliver unique and unrivalled solutions to ensure total customer satisfaction is always achieved.

With our close and exclusive collaborations with the world’s renowned manufacturers and referral institutions, our solution is the most complete to every end user. Some famous brands are HITACHI, Leica, Cameca, KLA Tencor, KSI, ION-TOF and Scanco Medical.

In-house Application Refinement Laboratory with dedicated application specialists allows continuous refinements to each and every application solution we deliver or provide for new sciences.

With these extra attributes, strengths and merits the company offers, Hi-Tech Instruments Group is Your Ultimate Strategic Partner you can reliably trust.


  • Anasys Mirage™ IR Microscope
    Mirage™ IR Microscope achieving submicron spatial resolution and measurement of thick samples in reflection mode without the contact limitations of ATR, and without dispersive artifacts....

  • Mirage achieves sub-micron spatial resolution IR imaging and spectroscopy, with a spatial resolution improvement of over 20X. Mirage works on the principle of photothermal IR spectroscopy (PTIR) providing transmission quality FTIR spectra, even in reflection mode.

    Using PTIR eliminates another longstanding limitation for IR microscopy, namely the inability to work on thick samples. Mirage allows IR spectroscopy of surfaces without the contact limitations of ATR, thus expanding IR to many new applications. The Mirage obtains IR spectroscopy of surfaces on thick samples in a non-contact way. It enables faster time to data, and cost of ownership improvements while providing correlation to industry standard FTIR databases.

    The new Mirage IR microscope overcomes the IR diffraction limit by combining a pulsed tunable laser with a proprietary optical technique measuring photothermal response of the sample in a fast, easy to use manner. Mirage is a result of a decade of expertise in photothermal physics that Anasys has built up since starting the research on their AFM based nanoscale IR spectroscopy platform.

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