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Holystone had earned its reputation  as an innovative leader in the design and manufacture of quality Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors.

Holystone  was  founded  in 1981, headquartered in Taipei, is listed in the Taiwan Stock Exchange, with  factories in Taiwan, Guangdong (China),

With the support of an advanced materials laboratory in Japan,  Holystone produces a broad line of standard  and  specialized  products.

Our  modern  factories  utilize the latest  state of the  art  equipment and  technology.  The factories  are certified  ISO-14000,  ISO-9001 and

QS9000,  AECQ2000,  UL1414, UL/TUV safety certification,  TS16949.


  • Holystone
    Multi-layer ceramic capacitors for consumer, automotive , Industrial, Telecommunication usage...

  • Series of MLCC Capacitors and application

    -High Voltage - Power Circuits (DC/DC inverter)

    -High capacitance NPO - ADSL/XDSL (replacement of film capacitors)

    - High capacitance X7R - Input/Output filter (DC-DC converters)

    - X7T dielectric - Lighting (replacement of film cap)

    - Safety disc/SMD (X1Y1/X1Y2) - isolation /protection circuit

    - High CV/Temp Radial - switch mode power supply

    - Long side termination/large case - Power supply, input/output filter, DC/DC converter

    - Automotive grade - safety equipment/custom application

    - Stacked caps -  Industrial/Marine

    *** Key Technologies - Flexible termination for mechanical cracking and special coating for arching

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