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Measuring and controlling - When it comes to pioneering automation technology, the ifm group is the ideal partner. Since the foundation in 1969 ifm has developed, produced and sold sensors, controllers and systems for industrial automation worldwide. Today the ifm group family-run in the second generation with more than 6,700 employees in 70 countries is one of the worldwide industry leaders. ifm combines the internationality and innovative strength of a growing group of companies with the flexibility and close customer contact of a medium-sized company.

ifm – close to you!

At ifm, the key to success has always been people. A sales and service team of about 1,500 people supports customers worldwide. The experts on site know the regional conditions and ensure individual and trusting support. Our research and development team work in close partnership with the customer as well as research institutions and universities to find solutions for the requirements of tomorrow. More than 870 patents and about 65 new patent registrations in 2017 were the result of this commitment.

Quality "Made in Germany"​

ifm stands for high-quality products "Made in Germany"​. ifm is closely connected to Germany as a location for industry with its corporate headquarters in Essen and a development and production site in the Lake Constance region where about 70 per cent of the portfolio are developed and manufactured. Other production sites in large sales markets such as Asia or the USA allow fast reaction to regional market requirements.

A huge variety of products

ifm's exceptionally large product portfolio does not only cover all relevant standard solutions but also the special requirements of individual industries. In addition to position and process sensors, sensors for motion control and safety technology are part of the product range. Furthermore ifm offers products for industrial imaging and communication as well as identification systems and systems for mobile machines. On this basis, the ifm group achieved a turnover of estimated € 880 million in 2017.


  • Vortex Flow Meter - SV series
    Vortex inline volumetric flow sensors with user-friendly display...

  • The alternative: Vortex sensor instead of vane

    • Integrated temperature measurement
    • Electronically rotatable multi-colour display
    • Rotatable G and R process connections as option
    • Red/green colour change for process values adjustable
    • Can be used for water with and without conductivity (deionised water)

    Turbulence as a measure for the flow
    Behind a blunt body (or shedder) integrated in the measuring pipe, the flowing medium generates swirling vortices depending on the velocity. These vortices are detected by a piezoceramic sensor. If the cross-section is known, the number of the vortices allows to determine the flow rate.
    This flow rate measurement principle, known as vortex (or vortex shedding) principle, is almost independent of pressure and temperature fluctuations of the medium. It allows a simple design and thus a low-cost production of sensors for flow rate measurement.
    The current flow and temperature are output as standardised current signal (4...20 mA), as frequency signal, switching output or via IO-Link as option. 

  • Capacitive sensors - KI6000 and KG6000
    Ingeniously simple: display guide for the perfect setting...

  • Capacitive sensor is so easy to set

    • Unique display and handling concept with LED visualisation
    • See and compensate switch point movement
    • IP 69K gives high ingress resistance
    • PNP/ NPN, NO/ NC, timer function
    • For medium temperatures up to 110 °C

    Visualised switch point
    The new capacitive sensors stand out not only because of their excellent technical data but most of all with their new and unique visualisation concept. Using a 12-LED bar display the user can always adapt the switch point to suit the application conditions – it is always in the centre of the display. The green LEDs either side of the switch point indicate the reliability of the switch point. Deposits, material changes etc. are directly displayed on the sensor and the user can readjust perfectly the switch point as needed. An imminent error can be detected in good time and avoided thus minimising the risk of failures or deactivation.

    Diagnostic support
    If help is needed with the effects of process changes this is much easier to explain and rectify with the clear switch-point visualisation.

  • Vision sensor - O3D
    3D sensor with PMD technology...

  • Photoelectric 3D level measurement and point level detection

    • Continuous measurement of uneven surfaces
    • Determines min, max or mean values
    • Teaching of different tank shapes
    • Interfering structures are suppressed
    • Non-contact detection of opaque media for levels of up to 10 m

    Flexible configuration
    The system detects solid, opaque solids and bulk materials in tanks, silos or hoppers with levels of up to 10 m. The O3D reliably detects the load height in machinery for mechanical handling, e.g. belts, and the loading of pallets. The sensor determines the level via a defined background and transmits the process value via analogue output or digitally and noise immune via the Ethernet process interface. Alternatively, the O3D may be used as a point level switch. The measuring segment of the sensor can be adapted to the shape of the respective tank. Agitators and other attachments can be suppressed via “exclusion regions”. Various container shapes, such as hoppers, silos or even inclined belts can be recognised by the sensor. This means that for bulk materials the average level is indicated, even if there are conical heaps or funnelling.

  • IO Link masters AL1900
    IO-Link masters specially designed for the control cabinet...

  • IO-Link master modules for the control cabinet serve as a gateway between intelligent IO-Link sensors and the field bus

    • Separation between automation and IT network
    • Industry 4.0 ready via new IoT core
    • 8 IO-Link ports with full V1.1 functionality
    • PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCat or TCP/IP JSON
    • Master and device configurable via the LR DEVICE software

    IO-Link master for the automation and IT world
    The IO-Link master modules for the control cabinet serve as a gateway between intelligent IO-Link sensors and the field bus. Besides, important information of the intelligent sensors can simultaneously be sent into the IT world. With a separate IoT Ethernet socket the IT network can be set up completely separated from the automation network. Sensor information is transferred into the IT world via the established TCP/IP JSON interface.

    Advantages and customer benefits

    • Separation between automation and IT network

    Machine uptime is of highest priority. The automation network must by no means be interrupted by external factors. Therefore the unit features a separate IoT Ethernet socket separating IT and automation network. This means that important sensor information can be safely sent to the IT and ERP systems.

    • Sensor configuration with LR DEVICE

    The intuitive software finds all IO-Link masters in the network and creates an overview of the whole plant. In addition, all connected sensors are displayed with the respective parameters. This makes it possible to set the parameters of all sensors in the system from one central point.

    • Easy sensor connection

    The sensors and actuators are connected via standard M12 connection cables without screening. The connection cables are fixed via removable COMBICON connectors on the IO-Link master. Up to 8 IO-Link sensors can be connected and be supplied with up to 3.6 A. The cable can be up to 20 m long.

    • Reliable digital data

    The sensor data is transferred digitally. Unlike analogue signals, contact resistance and EMC interference cannot corrupt the signals.

  • Photocell sensor - O8
    Infrared sensors / red light sensors in miniature design...

  • Photoelectric miniature sensor with maximum precision
    The new powerful O8 sensor is an optimum choice for applications where space is at a premium such as assembly and robotics. It might be small, but the sensor achieves a range of 80 mm independent of colour and finish of the surface to be detected. Moreover the background suppression is extremely reliable and precise even for the detection of very small, flat or reflective objects. The O8 reliably copes even with constantly changing backgrounds, e.g. on robot arms.

    Reliable and efficient thanks to IO-Link
    Via IO-Link the ranges can be set to the nearest millimetre. A complex adjustment of the distance from the sensor to the object is not needed.
    The new sensors are also available with preset ranges. With their reliability and precision they are much above the average of conventional devices.

  • Vibration monitoring sensor
    Intelligent vibration sensor – simply smart...

  • Offers more than ISO monitoring

    • VNA001 for vibration monitoring of an external measurement point, alternatively 4...20 mA current signal, e.g. temperature
    • Two vibration values e.g. velocity and acceleration or shock and bearing noise
    • Freely adjustable frequency bands e.g. for monitoring according to ISO 10816
    • Integrated display with colour change in the event of infractions of the limits

    Compact vibration sensor
    For small and medium-sized machines (such as motors, fans, pumps and compressors) whose vibration is often monitored manually or not at all, ifm electronic now has a simple and interesting alternative.
    The latest member of the compact design VN, VNB211, monitors online the overall vibration status of machinery and plant according to ISO 10816 and the resulting acceleration (delivery status). In addition a process value (e.g. temperature) or another switching signal (VNA001) can be monitored via the analogue input. The history memory integrated in the device permits logging of the data for subsequent trend display in the PC software VES004.
    Parameters such as limits can be configured via the pushbuttons. Changes of the delivery status (basic parameter setting) are also made via the PC software.

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