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Inspiraz Technology is established in 2004 with the aim to provide quality services, state-of-the-art products and solutions by leveraging the vast experiences of our dedicated staff in the various technology fields. As a diversified high-technology company, we are working closely with OEM Partners, Equipment Builders and System Integrators for successful implementation of our systems / solutions to improve productivity & efficiency of the plant and we strive to meet specific needs of our clients and industry partners with our continuous research & development works.

We are driven by a desire to enhance the technological capabilities of our clients and partners. As a diversified high-technology company, we strive to accommodate specific needs while keeping in mind that improving technology requires changing the way things are done and not just the machinery

With our proven track record and commitment towards quality and customer service, we believe we are well-positioned to be their partner of choice.

The independent business groups within Inspiraz Technology are headed by dynamic team leaders and cater to the diversified market segments across Asia and beyond.

  • Machine Vision

  • Surface Treatment

  • Thermal Management

    We have seen excellent growth in diversified market segments. Our reach in diversified market has helped us to sustain the growth rate irrespective of market sentiments in any individual segment.

    We provide state-of-art products with cutting-edge technologies and services to the following major market segments.

  • Semiconductor.
  • Electrical and Electronics.
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical.
  • Food and & Beverage.

We believe in keeping our customers ahead in technology...


  • WIZER Vision Software
    WIZER vision software offers a quick way for developing machine vision applications swiftly without any programming with optimum performance and reliability...

  • WIZER, our latest generation of the configurable machine vision software with its new features and enhancements, is now available and it offers an even higher degree of convenience for the user with increased productivity and efficiency in developing and deployment of machine vision applications on the production floor.

    We believed that the present methodology of writing a machine vision inspection application can be simplified so that it can be easily configured and implemented by floor engineers at any time. Till today, this process can be very tedious as experienced software engineers are needed to write the program codes for the specific inspection requirement, and it can take up a lot of engineering and development time that it can become an expensive exercise for the factory. Our new concept aims to simplify the setup and deployment of machine vision applications while providing a powerful tool set, enabling users with little to no experience in vision technology to easily accomplish tasks such as part identification and location, item traceability tracking, measurement, assembly verification, and more with a minimal effort and time.

    WIZER is using an unique vision software platform that enable vision users to develop and deploy vision systems at a fraction of the time that it may take using conventional methods. It is sometimes described as an “icon-based” vision software whereby the tool icons are dragged & appended in sequence to a program editor space to create a vision inspection application without writing a single line of program codes…. Being simple & easy to use and yet it offers a comprehensive functionalities with quick deployment onto the manufacturing lines for diverse range of applications.

    As a standard PC-based machine vision application, our new WIZER vision software offers a quick way for developing machine vision applications swiftly without any programming with optimum performance and reliability. You can simply build up your vision application using our standard tool set via “drag & drop” concept. The standard tool set provides many common machine vision tools such as image acquisition & processing, edge locator, intensity check, calibration, pattern recognition, alignment, measurement, counting, 1D/2D code reader, position locator, colour analysis, character recognition etc.….. This standard tool set can be expanded at any time with customized, user-defined vision inspection tools to suit any new additional needs.

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