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Welcome to SRC Exhibition Booth.

           5G & High-Speed Socket Provider

                             SRC Products Portfolio 

GF Socket

Rubber Socket

Tera JC Socket

40 Ghz

100 Ghz

23 Ghz



BGA/BtB Contactor

S/J Contact Replacement

High Speed

Excellent Life Cycle

0.3mm Over 100k

Lower Cost vs S/J Contact

RF Coaxial Contact

Accurate Contact Position(± 100um)

Rubber Ground Insertion

Improved Isolation

Excellent Durability

Better Ground Contacts

Hi-Current Capacity

Silicone Elastic Body

Easy Set-up & Maintenance

Cost Effective


Dedicated to develop RF TEST SOCKET over 20 years.

Variety of fruitful fields test experiences and know-how.

  • 2000 1st developer of Silicone Rubber Socket in Korea (CEO Hep Shin)
  • 2011    Establishment of SRC Inc.
  • 2015    Development of  RF Solid Pin Type Socket (Registered IP) - Ground Flexible(GF) - World’s 1st
  • 2018    Development of New Concept Hybrid Socket (Min. 0.20mm Pitch, Tera JC Pin)
  • 2018    Registered IEEE(10.1109/TCPMT.2018.2828223

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  • Address: Ilsan Techno Town, 138, Ilsan-Ro, Ilsandong-Gu, Goyang-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea 10442


  • GF Socket
    QFN, QFP, MLF, Fine Pitch Device are applicable for the Better RF Performance. Ground Flexible & Wide Contact Surface....


    • QFN, QFP, MLF, Fine Pitch Device are applicable for the Better RF Performance.

    • Ground Flexible & Wide Contact Surface


    Item Specification
    Bandwidth 40 Ghz @ - 1dB
    Pitch Min. 0.3mm
     Current 5 Amp
    Resistance ≤ 20mΩ
    Temperature -55°C ~ + 155°C
    Insertion Life Span* 250k
    Contact Force* 45g

    • Excellent Contact Surface -> Conductive Rubber Ground
    • No Die Crack -> Soft Rubber Ground
    • Robust Pin Base Block Structure -> Efficient Cost Reduction


    • At 100GHz, Insertion loss is -0.17dB
    • 1dB point is 62.2GHz
    • 3dB point is over 80GHz(2.3dB at 80GHz)
  • Rubber Socket
    Rubber sockets offer better test yields, require much less contact force, much easier and quicker maintenance, and overall cost advantage....


    • BGA/LGA Test Socket
    • High Data Speed Performance
    • High Current Capacity 
    • Cost Effective
    • Better Final Test Yield 
    • Easy Setup, Easy Cleaning, Easy Maintenance


    Item Specification
    Bandwidth 100 Ghz @ -dB
    Pitch Min. 0.25mm
    Current 3Amp
    Resistance 50mΩ
    Temperature -40°C ~ + 125°C
    Insertion Life Span* 200k
    Contact Force* 40g

  • Tera JC Socket
    Excellent Life Cycle in Fine Pitch(0.30p -> over 100k) Improved Test Yield (Contact Structure/ Point) Accurate Contact Position(+/- 10um) Excellent Durability(Silicone Elastic Body in Fine Pitch)...


    • Drop-in Replacement for vertical type socket
    • Excellent Replacement of POGO & Rubber sockeT

    What are the improvements?

     Hybrid Structure with Silicone Rubber & Solid Pin – Fine Pitch Usage

    • Simple Structure, Excellent Electrical Properties
    • Contact Resistance : 50mW , High Speed Usag

    Precise & Even Contact(Repetitive Contact Position Accuracy: Max + 10um)

    • Exact Contact to BtB Contact Pin à Yield Improvement
    • Self Cleaning due to Repetitive Precise Contact
    • Non-Spinning V-shape, Repetition of BtB Contact, Long Life Cycle

    Minimal reliance on utensil due to Self Alignment


    Mechanical Specification

    Pitch 0.4 ~ 0.25mm
    Total Length 3.20 mm
    Travel 0.25 mm
    Contact Force 15g/pin
    Operating Temperature -55℃ ~ +150

    Electrical Specification

    Contact Resistance <50mΩ (0.2mm Travel)
    Current Rating 2 Amp
    Self Inductance 1.08nH@20Ghz
    Mutual Inductance 0.43@20Ghz
    Capacitance-GND 0.17pF@20Ghz
    Insertion Loss(S21 -0.86dB@20Ghz
    Return Loss(S11) -18.8dB@20Ghz
    Crosstalk(S41) -27.3d@20Ghz

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