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ENDStruct is computer, electronic and robotics technology research company that was established , registered and began operation in the mid of 2018. ENDStruct was created and  matured by APPSLIPPERS and Jazari Resources . ENDStruct developes systems and products based on computer, electronic and robotics technology for production lines, smart phones applications, software and hardware integration, electronics and robotics automation and as well provide courses and seminars related to computer technology. ENDStruct later then proceeded to consume Jazari Resources which focuses on custom machine development. Jazari Resources develops agv, custom skycam for stadium, industrial robots for industry uses and for RnD  and due to their extraordinary performance and quality in their custom machine , they have been invited to be the main contractor to setup the game field for the international robotics competition he end of 2018. At the same time In the late of 2018 ENDstruct also proceeded to consume APP SLIPPERS , a company that develops custom electronics , software and mobile apps since 2013. APPSLIPPERS developed an autonomous vehicle retrofitting project, numerous custom electronic device development for factories after absorbing the two main company, ENDStruct then was split into 2 branches. The first being  ENDStruct proceeded to become the parent company. Later that same year ENDStruct also proceeded consume INFRAVision , a company that promotes 3D printing for education and as well as build custom 3D printers.

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