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  • KOKUSAI ELECTRIC CORPORATION has made its fresh start as a pure play manufacturer of semiconductor manufacturing systems on June 1st 2018 under KKR & CO. L.P. after splitting from Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

    The environment of semiconductor market surrounding our company is facing a major turning point as the entire semiconductor industry is experiencing a rapid demand increase by expansion of the memory market associated with a penetration of IoT to the society, growing demands of data centers and diversification of electric devices, as well as activation of the device market by AI, automated driving and currency mining, etc. The semiconductor equipment industry is also growing to the next phase along with these changes.

    As we start the new company, our mission is to accommodate client’s needs in the changing market with the leading-edge technology based on our accumulated deposition technologies and become an industry leader. We, as an innovative corporation with the clients’ perspective, are determined to move fast to provide high quality products and services, and make contribution to highly developed social infrastructures with our technology.


  • VERTRON® Revolution
    KOKUSAI ELECTRIC’s “VERTRON® Revolution” is a latest version of proven VERTRON® 200mm Batch Diffusion/LPCVD systems. ...

  • * Built on a proven VERTRON® platform with compatibility of wafer process among past models

    • * Upgraded to new hardware to enable high productivity utilized latest 300mm tools designs
    • * Larger batch size (175wafers) and small batch size for low height ceiling (100wafers) (Option)
    • * Atmosphere control is available for oxygen and moisture sensitive process (lower oxygen & H2O concentration) (Option)
    • * Controllers have been upgraded to latest architecture based systems and it gives better system performance and much low risk of   
    •    parts supply discontinuation in the future
  • Resistivity Measurement System (manual type) VR250
    VR250 is a manual type four-probe measurement System that realizes to measure a resistance or a sheet resistance of conductive samples such as magnetic thin plates with a high degree of accuracy....

  • Characteristics

    • Wafer size: 75mm (three inches) ‐ 200mm
    • Very thin films and very shallow ion implantation layers can be measured keeping high accuracy.
    • Optimum prove movement can be set up with recipes.
    • It is possible to make images such as contour maps or 3D maps to show resistance distribution (optional).
    • A function for host communication is available.


    • Materials such as silicon, polysilicon, etc.
    • Ion implantation, diffusion, metal films, etc.

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