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High-speed ! High-accuracy! E-Test and AOI solution provider

Nidec-Ready History
Nidec-Read’s main business is the development, manufacturing and sale of inspection equipment for semiconductor package substrates and printed circuit boards, as well as inspection fixture. In recent years, it has expanded its product portfolio into small capacitance measurement equipment for touch screen panels and optical inspection equipment for semiconductor wafers.

Where we are heading to
Embedded electronic active/passive components in smartphones and IoT devices are required to be increasingly small and power efficient. Also, new semiconductor packaging technologies that created embedded electronic component substrates and Fan Out Wafers Level Packages (FOWLP)¹ are diversifying and tightening inspection requirements.We have
 sought for a new inspection method that responds to the foregoing development in semiconductor packaging and that ensures its mid- to long- term growth target hy completing acquisition of SV Probe Pte.Ltd(probe card manufacturer).

Product Outline
*E-testing inspection system
*AOI inspection system(2D/3D/SD)
*Fixture(Probe,MEMS Probe)
*Probe Card


  • AD/DC Multi Tester R-780
    MEMS/TSV/RDL/Interposer Tester Right Test Solution for Wafer Level ...

  • Why We Need NIDEC-READ R780 ?

    •“Stability ” is the Key Competitive Advantage of MEMS Sensor

     --> Need high accuracy to evaluate linearity at small force

    •ASP erosion is a big issue

    --> Must reduce CoT than ASP erosion

  • Wafer Bump Inspection Rwi-300
    Semiconductor wafer 3D/2D/SD Fully automated high throughput wafer bump inspection system ...

  • RWi–300/RWi–300G

    Semiconductor wafer 3D/2D/SD bump inspection for Cupiller Solder amd Gold Bump.

    • 3D:Bump Height Measurement
    • 2D:Bump size (X-Y or Diameter) Measurement
    • SD:Surface Defect Inspection
    • 3D+2D+SD Simultaneous Inspection

    Fully automated high throughput inspection system
    Next generation laser profiler
    Fully automated high throughput inspection system
    With capability beyond 1:1 high/diameter aspect ratio
    Live statistical analysis, clear and intuitive visualisation of data
    High-speed 3D + 2D + SD simultaneous parallel inspection with live statistics

    •Wafer level data
    •Die level data
    •Bump level data

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