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The Peters Group

The Peters Group, based in Kempen, Germany, is an independent family company and the only complete coatings supplier for electronics in the world.

From coatings for the manufacture of printed circuit boards and the protection of assembled printed circuit boards/electronic components to integrated coating technology solutions, Peters is a global leader in the field of electronics-related high-tech coatings for automotive electronics, aerospace engineering, industrial electronics, medical technology, LED applications and other industries.

For over 40 years we have been working closely with our customers to present revolutionary and practical solutions. Our highly specialized research & development division guarantees the continuous concept and improvement of innovative products.

With our international distribution offices and more than 65 regional representative offices worldwide, we are a competent on-site partner in over 90 countries serving more than 3,500 customers globally.


  • ELPEGUARD® Conformal Coatings
    ELPEGUARD Conformal Coatings protect and insulate assembled PCBs in order to fulfil highest requirements regarding reliability and service life....

  • ELPEGUARD® Thin film coatings

    Solvent-containing or aqueous 1- and 2-pack “ready-to use” systems with very good resistance against moisture and condensation, thus enabling an excellent corrosion protection for assembled pcbs (e.g. e-corrosion and migration), typical dry layer thickness < 80 μm, suitable for coating flexible circuits (“flex-to-install”); can be soldered through for repair or mechanically removed (blasting method); coloured-transparent, opaque or fluorescent adjustments permit a simple checking of the coating layer for completeness with daylight or UV light (black light)

    ELPEGUARD® Thick film coatings

    Solvent-free 1-pack systems with excellent chemical resistance; typical dry layer thickness > 80 μm, thus providing excellent protection even in critical weather conditions; the fluorescent adjustment permits an easy and reliable check of the coating result under UV light (black light), can be removed mechanically for repair purposes

    ELPEGUARD® Gels for dam-and-fill applications

    Thixotropic gels for dam-and-fill applications, ideally suited for a simple and high-definition application of dams around connectors, components and contact pads to limit the application area of a subsequent conformal coating; also available in cartridges

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