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Precitec Optronik GmbH is a German manufacturer of highly innovative sensors and optical probes. Our CHRocodile© product line sets the standard in contact-free thickness and distance measurements in various industries such as semiconductor, consumer electronics, machine tools and glass industry. Precitec products deliver inline and offline measurements with the highest precision and ultra-fast measuring speeds on all materials and measurement ranges from micro- to centimeters.

Precitec – the smart way to measure.


  • CHRomatic Vision Camera
    Fast Focusing of all Image Planes - Confocal Line Scan Camera with High Depth of Field...

  • The CHRomatic Vision Camera combines the advantages of the chromatic-confocal technology of Precitec distance sensors with a line scan camera. This enables capturing images with a very high depth of field on almost any surface, even tilted. Compared to conventional offline and inline quality inspections by microscopes, the CHRomatic Vision camera works without any inconvenient need for refocusing. This saves valuable time during quality control activities.

    Thanks to the integrated coaxial illumination, the camera records sharp images with a high contrast for all height levels - the ideal prerequisite to carry out cosmetic inspections quickly and reliably, e.g. on metal parts or for defect detection of wafers and OLED masks.

  • CHRocodile CLS
    The first Chromatic Line Sensor...

  • More than 30 years of experience in the development of point/spot based optical sensors and probes went into the development of the Chromatic Line Sensor (CLS) providing an array of 192 points, offering an incredibly fast 3D measurement of almost 400.000 points per second with nanometric scale resolution. The chromatic line sensor CHRocodile CLS is perfectly suited for easy integration into inspection machines in the production line, including harsh industrial environments. An outstanding dynamic range and an excellent signal to noise ratio make the CHRocodile CLS the best measuring tool on various reflecting and high tilted surfaces. Versatile as the CHRocodile CLS is, thickness measurements from one side on transparent materials as well as instantaneous profile measurements are also possible.
  • CHRocodile C
    compact confocal sensor with excellent cost/performance ratio...

  • The smallest chromatic confocal sensor measures distances and layer thicknesses ultra-accurately and at high speed. The CHRocodile C’s design integrates opto-electronics and measuring probe in single housing at the size of a pack of cigarettes. With its 4 optical probes that can be easily replaced by the user, the system can be parameterized within wide limits and adapted to the measuring task.

  • Flying Spot Scanner (FSS)
    Rapid in-line surface inspection with mobile measuring spot ...

  • Smart inspection system with mobile measuring spot (FSS) and interferometric CHRocodile 2 IT sensor especially developed for rapid in-line surface monitoring.

    The Region of Interest (ROI) inspection is realized by movable mirror systems inside the FSS. The ROI is activated by the user and avoids long paths of linear axes. In this way, dedicated areas can be measured at up to 70 kHz, minimizing inspection time drastically.

    The interferometric sensor CHRocodile 2 IT contains light source, spectral evaluation and embedded electronics for post-processing to calculate measured values using the light signal. An essential component is a passive optical probe, which focuses the light onto the sample surface. The mobile measuring head and sensor are connected by light guides.

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