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We Take Care Of Your Family No Matter Where And When.

In November 2015 , Our founder, Mr Yew, received an unpleasant news that my beloved grandmother has passed out at her own home. She lives alone since my grandfather passed away several years ago. She loves the place because of so many fond memories she has with him and it is a place she has stay for the past 50 years. Her children has tried to convince her to move in with them but she just can't stay away from the house for too long. Fortunately for her , Mr Yew's aunt happen to drop by during lunch as she would like drop of some groceries. If it weren't for her , i would not dare to imagine what might have happened.
Such is a dilemma nowadays whereby aging parents are left at home alone not because children are being ignorant but because of circumstances. That is the driving force for Mr Yew to startup Preventech to be able to provide a service platform to help these seniors and their children be at ease knowing that in cases of distress there are still someone out there that can help. At Preventech , we are developing a real time wellbeing monitoring and response platform which through smart band would be able to detect human vital signs and analyze for potential signs of distress/unease through machine learning and data analytics. When such signs are detected, an alarm will be triggered to relevant parties and help can be dispatch.

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Senior Wellness Monitoring And Response Platform
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