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DCSENG has made S-Cutter exclusively used for pipelines.

Founded by young founder who cherishes the dream of "technological development based on respect for humans and environment-centeredness," DCS (Dream, Challenge, and Success) ENG has made S-Cutter exclusively used for pipelines. 

We believe that our convenient and efficient system that can freely meet any standards and materials with features necessary for pipeline installation work such as cutting, beveling, and prefab welding will fascinate you.

Our clean and comfortable working conditions for the safety of users and quick and precise workmanship will help raise competitiveness of companies. In addition, we will present an alternative to supply drinkable water in a clean and safe manner and take the lead in increasing profitability and protecting expensive equipment in industries.

We will continue our effort to become your partner that can help you step forward for your dream. 

Thank you.


  • S-LT Series
    * The most cost-effective orbital cutting machine! - Maximizing the user convenience - Equipped with a BLDC motor - Clamping O.D 6mm - 220mm at once - Capacity: 1/4'' - 8'' (Pipe O.D 6㎜ - 220㎜) - Pipe wall thickness Maximum 8.2mm ...

    • Maximizing the user convenience

        - Easy to replace cutting blades

        - Effective and convenient when processing short pipes

        - Possible to cut elbows

        - Mounted with a basic stopper for cutting and beveling

        - Maximizing the convenience of repeatitive work

    • Optimally designed for the processing of thin pipes

        - Pipe deformation is minimized.

        - Minimum distances are secured between cutting & beveling blade and vise (fixed jaw).

    • Possible to finely tune processing depths

        - Improving the quality in cutting and beveling

        - A single touch adjustment device

    • Clamping of O.D 6mm - 220mm at once

        - No need for an auxiliary vise (vise jaw)

        - Shortening the working hours

    • Equipped with a BLDC motor

        - Providing stable torques of all the ranges and ensuring high reliability.

        - Adjusting speed according to work types with a 6-stage control.

        - With a built-in overload protection circuit.

    • Applying oilless bearing to the main shaft

        - The durability of the equipment is improved.

        - The clearance of the equipment is minimized.

  • S-150
    * Cut, whether thick or thin, at a single stroke! - Maximizing the user convenience with automatic rotation - Newly developed orbital type - Capacity : 1/4'' - 6'' (Pipe O.D 5mm - 170mm) - Pipe wall thickness maximum 12mm ...

    • Maximizing user convenience with automatic rotation

        - Thick pipes are cut in right direction and beveled

        - Thin pipes are cut in reverse direction (spiral duct cutting available)

    • Clamping at once from O.D 6mm to 170mm
    • Newly developed orbital type

        - Axial motor mounted onto the body (to prevent the spatter while working)

        - Semi-permanent design for Anti-backlash

    • Free adjustment of blade while cutting and beveling is possible
  • S-500
    * Necessary for stainless piping work! - The world's first pipe-rotation cutting method applied machine - Minimizing the eccentricity while cutting and beveling - Capacity : 3/8'' - 20'' (Pipe O.D 16mm - 510mm) - Pipe wall thickness maximum 10mm ...

    • Maximizing user convenience with automatic rotation
    • Possible to cut and bevle from 16mm to 510mm with one machine!

        - 3/8'' - 2'' : Vice clamping method

        - 2'' - 20'' : Chain clamping method

        - Enable you to  cut up to 24'' (please contact head office)

    • Device for prevention of saw blades being jammed is installed (exceptionally useful in large diameter pipes)
    • Minimizing the eccentricity while cutting and beveling
    • Free adjustment of blade while cutting and beveling

  • S-CM4
    * Portable hand beveler - Pipe and plate film removal and beveling process - Capacity : Pipe O.D 25.4mm - no limit - Bevel capacity : maximum 14C...

  • * Portable hand beveler(S-CM4_M)

    • Bevel Capacity : 0' ~ 90', 0 ~ 14C
    • Pipe/Board : Flat processing(removal of outside diameter film) and bevel processing

    * Portable film removal machine(S-CM4_OD)

    • Capacity : Maximum width is 48mm, Maximum depth is 15mm
    • Pipe/Board : Film removal and plate processing

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