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We provide the best solution for your measurement system.

We provide a new system to measure the material film thickness of wafer surface. Including PR, oxide film, and/or nitride film.  Besides a new metrology, we also promote a machine vision system with AI solutions to help the customers improving the quality control of production. 


  • Metrology tool
    We customize the most suitable Metrology Tool for your needs ...

  • Name your Metrology needs and we will provide the best solution

    1. Filmchek: Film Thickness, Wafer Thickness, TSV
    2. White Light Interferometers: Step High, 3D Profile
    3. Opti Profiler: Wafer Warpage, Stress, Surface Defect
    4. Overlap (IR/Dual): Pattern Shift Measurement

  • Overlaychek
    Pattern Inspection System...

  • OVERLAYCHEK, Auto Optical Inspection (AOI) equipment capable of measuring critical dimensions (CD) and overlay shift.

    The best choice for increasing quality and reducing time efficiently during mask alignment and the etching process.

  • Smart Vision System
    Finding displacement in progress...

  • Find out more please visit us at booth 418
  • Optiprofiler
    Wafer defect and deformation analysis...

  • We can do 

    1. Non-contact model profiler

    2.High-speed catch the whole area FOV

    3.Nanometer high resolution

    4.3D color dsiplay profile 

    5.Wafer flim stress analysis

    6.Wafer surface defect display

    find out more please visit us at booth 418 

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