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Integral Service Solution (ISS) Pte Ltd specialise in cryogenics pump business since 2003. We have been rebuilding hundreds of cryopump annually to the leading semiconductor companies. We provide an one-stop cryopump solution by offering extended sales and services such as cryopump repair kit, parts & accesories, system upgrade and retrofit.

We are also the authorised distributor for Thyracont Vacuum Instruments GmbH that has been developing and manufacturing vacuum measurement instruments in Germany since 1970. Thyracont supplies high quality and precise vacuum measurement instruments covering the whole spectrum.

Other products includes ultra low temperature cryochiller & refrigerant, vacuum parts & fitting, etc.


  • Thyracont vacuum Products
    Thyracont supplies high quality and precise vacuum measurement instruments covering the whole spectrum....

  • Thyracont product portfolio includes vacuum sensors, vacuum transducers, vacuum meters, vacuum switches , controllers as well as accessories and vacuum components. Depending on your scope of tasks , we can offer a wide ran ge of measuring principles in various combinations e.g.: piezo, Pirani, capacitive, cold cathode and hot cathode. 

    The compact vacuum meters of our VD8 series measure absolute pressure in the range of 1600 to 5e-4 mbar. It can be used as a portable instrument or for permanent installation in vacuum facilities. All VD8 compact vacuum meters feature an integrated data logger and save the pressure values independent of a PC throughout the measurement.

    The digital transducers of our Smartline series measure from 1200 to 5e-10 mbar and are characterized by their particularly efficient micro controllers. With their modern combination sensors these transducers are able to simultaneously enter different pressure areas such as fine and high vacuum with high precision. The Pirani with increased measuring range in the Thyracont combination gauges controls the ionization sensors in such a way that they are only switched on at a very low pressure. This conserves the sensor technology and allows a long lifetime of the gauges. Thanks to our plug-and-play solution with calibrated exchange sensors, a quick and easy replacement of defective sensor heads can be made simply by the user. Time and cost for maintenance are thus reduced to a minimum.

    The transducers of the Analogline measure in the range of 400 to 1e-4 mbar. Individually temperature compensated and equipped with their microprocessor control, the
    transducers reach an outstanding accuracy and a high stability of measurements. Analogline transducers are ideally suited for applications where space is at a premium. At the same time the compact transducers offer an optimum price-performance ratio.

    The VacuGraph software for Windows is the optimum tool to analyze, visualize and save your measurement data. For a comfortable gauge configuration there is even a free lite version of the software available.

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