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Welcome to Teltec Semiconductor Pacific (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Welcome to Teltec Semiconductor Pacific (Singapore) Pte Ltd!

Teltec Semiconductor Pacific Limited is a leading technical Sales and Service Organization serving the Semiconductor Industry in the Asia Pacific regions for 34 years.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, we have our branch offices set up in Singapore, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur & Penang), Taiwan and Mainland China to serve our customers promptly in the regions. Teltec Pacific represents the following leading equipment and material suppliers :

Akrometrix - Akrometrix Thermal Warpage & Strain Metrology Systems 

AML - In-situ Aligned Wafer Bonders Akrometrix Thermal Warpage & Strain Metrology Systems 

AMP - Maskless Lithography Systems

Bruker - AFM, 3D Optical Profilers; Stylus Profilers; Nanoindentors;  FTIR & XRF

Denton Vacuum  - Carbon/gold coaters for SEMs; Evaporation & Sputtering Systems

DJ Microlaminates - Dry-Film Resists (for MEMS, Microfluidics, Wafer Level Packaging)

FSM - Metrology Systems for Film Thickness, Stress and Wafer Bow Measurement Systems

Jelight - UVO cleaners; UV  Lamps; EPROM Erasers; Ozone Generators

Microchem - Photoresists (for Lift-off, MEMS, Compound semiconductor, E-beam Lithography, Wafer Bonding, Wafer Level Packaging RDL)

Microtronics - Solderability Testers

Nisene - Automated Acid Decapsulation Systems & Plasma Decapsulation Systems

RTI - Automated Multi-channel IV Curve Tracers

OAI - Exposure systems; Mask Aligners; UV Meters; Solar Simulators and IV Measuring Systems

PVA Tepla - High-speed Inline Plasma Processing Systems; Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treatment Systems; PECVDs and ALDs

Suhwoo - Automated Strip Grinding Systems

Sonix - High-Resolution Scanning Acoustic Microscopes for IC Packages and Wafers

Yxlon Feinfocus - High-resolution X-ray Inspection Systems & Industrial CTS systems


  • AkormetrIx Thermal Warpage System
    Shadow Moiré Technology ...

  • Shadow Moiré is a non-contact, full-field optical technique that uses geometric interference between a reference grating and its shadow on a sample to measure relative vertical displacement at each pixel position in the resulting image.

    TherMoiré AXP Features

    ⦁ Max measurementFOV 350 mm x 400mm
    ⦁ Dynamic Temperature Profilling-temperature range from -55°C  to 300°C
    ⦁ Support the simulation of the reflow oven temperature from  room temperature to 300°C
    ⦁ Thermal ramp rate up to > 3.0 degrees Celsius per second
    ⦁ Modular Metrology - Shadow Moiré, Digital Image Correlation, Digital Fringe Projection
    ⦁ Automated Analyses - Bow, Twist, Coplanarity, Chamber, CTE, Surface Tilt, etc
    ⦁ Data Management - Centralized database tools for production monitoring, trending and customer conformity/assurance requirements.
    ⦁ Support multi-sample test at the same time, increase production

  • Sonix scanning Acoustic Microscopes
    SONIX™ systems are used for the non-destructive inspection of a variety of materials including semiconductor packages, automotive parts and other advanced components...

  • SONIX™ systems are used for the non-destructive inspection of a variety of materials including semiconductor packages, automotive parts and other advanced components. Based on proprietary softwares, hardwares and patented innovations, Sonix’s systems have evolved over many years of experience working with customers. Sonix strives to provide the most accurate data, the perfect image quality, exceptional maneuverability and high reliability of the equipment, so as to improve the efficiency and cost effective

  • RTI Curve Tracing System
    MegaTrace Automated DC Parametric Curve Tracer...

  • This curve tracer picks up where the MultiTrace leaves off. Starting at 648 pins and going all the way to 2160 pins, the MegaTrace has enough pins to test just about any device. Now in a rolling, stand alone cart form, the tester is easy to move around and use with other instruments like emission microscopes, probe stations, and other remote testing requirements.

    Curve Tracing Capabilities

    ·         Unpowered Curve Tracing (Continuity Testing)

    ·         Powered Curve Tracing

    ·         Supply Current Characterization (Idd Testing)

    ·         2 and 3 VDD Supply Testing on a 6 Bus System

    Other Measurements and Testing Capabilities

    ·         Latch-Up Testing

    ·         Functional Preconditioning

    ·         Any DC Measurement to ±15V and ±1A

  • Nisene Automated Acid Decapsulation System
    JetEtch Pro Decapsulation Systems...

  • Nisene is to continue to provide products and services that address the needs of our customer, and to offer fast, precise, reproducible and safe package decapsulations - a goal that can only be met with automated instrumentation.

    JetEtchTotalPROTECT Advanced Decapsulation Systems
    With an unequaled feature set, the TotalProtect can etch the widest variety of any integrated circuits of any system on the market while maintaining the integrity of sensitive internal component.

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