Teratech Solutions Pte Ltd

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Teratech Solutions, a provider of Equipment, FA Tools, etc.

Teratech Solutions is a provider for Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment, Failure Analysis Tools, Precision Tooling, Spare Parts & others.

Advanced Manufacturing Equipment & others:

  1. Shibuya: Micro-Solder Ball Placement Equipment for Array (BGA, etc) & Wafer Level Package (capable of copper pin/column mounting on wafer), High Accuracy Flip-chip bonders for various application (opto-electronics, etc)

  2. BondTech: Surface Activation Bonder (low temp bonding) for Chip-on-Chip/Chip-on-Wafer/Wafer-on-Wafer for 3D LSI (TSV), LED, Optical Device, MEMS packaging, etc

  3. Nomura: CO2 Bubbler (anti-static system for high-purity water)

  4. Rix: Water Jet Deflashing System, Micro Ice Jet Nozzles

  5. Saw Singulation Jig for Package/BGA/QFN singulation system

  6. Diamond Saw Blades for BGA/QFN Singulation

  7. Transfer Mold Equipment, High Precision Mold Chase, Punch Tool (Die Set), Jigs & Spare Parts

  8. High quality ceramic chuck for dicing & back-grind process

Failure Analysis & Advanced Metrology Solutions:

  1. Hitachi: Scanning Acoustic Microscope for Semiconductor devices such as TSV, WL-CSP, Advanced Flip-chip Inspection, etc.

  2. Hamamatsu: Electrical Fault Isolation Tools (Photon Emission, Laser Techniques OBIRCH, Thermal Emission Microscopy, Electro Optical Probing/Frequency Mapping)

  3. Hamamatsu: Infra-red Microscopy Camera

  4. Plasma Decap System & MicroMill machine for samples preparation

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