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Founded in 1923, Schneeberger is now one of the leading names when it comes to groundbreaking innovations in the field of Linear Technology. Linear bearings, Profiled Linear Guideways, Measuring Systems, Gear Racks, Slides, Positioning Systems and Mineral Casting are all part of Schneeberger’s product and manufacturing range. The company serves original equipment manufacturers operating in various industries worldwide – from solar technology and semiconductor technology to electrical engineering and medical engineering and more, every field is represented. Schneeberger’s distributors and exclusive representatives can be found in all major industrial nations around the world, thereby guaranteeing the best possible proximity to customers everywhere.


  • Mineral Casting
    Mineral Casting has been used for many years as preferred alternative to cast iron & steel structures. We provide a customized, ready-to-use product for final assembly.

  • Mineral Casting has been used for many years as a preferred alternative to cast iron and steel structures. We provide our customers with a finished, read-to-use product for final assembly. Depending on the customer's requirements, this can be supplied with precision surfaces, threaded inserts and other cast-in components, reference surfaces and coated surfaces.

    5 Main Customer Benefits that Mineral Casting offers:

    • Greater vibration damping offers higher speeds and greater precision for the end products.
    • A combination of cost-effectiveness and precision
    • Flexible shaping for a wide range of products
    • Cost casting for parts and systems shorten the processing time for customers which in turn save them valuable fitting time.
    • Significantly less CO2 and reduced energy consumption (Blue Competence®)
  • Monorail
    High-precision MONORAIL MR profiled linear guideways with rollers and MONORAIL BM profiled linear guideways with balls are used worldwide in a vast array of applications in the machine tool industry...

  • SCHNEEBERGER's MONORAIL BM linear ball guides feature excellent dynamic properties and many commercial benefits. Designed with a small number of cleverly arranged components, it provides for excellent running properties due to the small number of transitions in the ball tracks, which lead to very quiet running, low pulsation and low friction as well as high travel speeds. The use of a trapezoidal rail section results in an extremely rigid guideway coupled with a substantial reduction in servicing time as additional wipers can be changed without dismantling the carriage. Complete sealing of the carriage guarantees maximum reliability coupled with a long service life. This robust and economical guideway rounds off SCHNEEBERGER's range of products for industrial applications with high demands on speed, reliability and consistent running properties.

    New Profiled Guideways shine through «4S»

    MONORAIL MR 4S – next carriage generation

    4 reasons to love the new SCHNEEBERGER MONORAIL MR 4S series: An optimized lubrication system, ease of maintenance, shock resistant, and dirt repellent

    • Serviceability – compatibility, exchange of cross wipers
    • Supply of lubricant – pressure-tight lubrication channels
    • Shock resistance – body optimized for rigidity
    • Sturdiness – robust and well-secured front plates

  • Minirail
    Miniature guideways are compact and precise for maximum productivity. Maintenance free guideways - lubricant reservoir directly integrated into MINIRAIL carriages.

  • MINIRAIL carriages with Long-term Lubrication LUBE-S - Maintenance free guideways

    • Maintenance-free for 20,000 km under normal environmental conditions and corresponding load
    • The carriage length remains unchanged & does not affect the maximum stroke
    • LUBE-S is the optimal lubricant for all short-stroke applications
    • LUBE-S lubricates the ball bearings which are directly under load
    • The smoothness, push force & service life are maintained long-term
    • Maintenance costs are reduced substantially
    • The minimal consumption of lubricant is environmentally friendly
    • LUBE-S can be easily replaced
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