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Welcome to know us, Hangzhou Changchuan Technology(CC-TECH)!

Hangzhou Changchuan Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to improving the technical level of China's integrated circuit special equipment and it's headquartered in Binjiang District, Hangzhou, China. The company was listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on April 17, 2017 (stock code 300604).

Its main products include testers and handlers, such as automatic taping machine, test system, test handler system, etc. The company currently has CCTECH Japan, CCETCH Hong Kong, CCTECH Changzhou, Beijing R&D Center, Taiwan Office, Shanghai Office, Shenzhen Office, and wholly-owned STI (Singapore), a world-renowned supplier of integrated circuit testing equipment, forming a global layout.

With the high-level R&D investment and more than 20% of its sales profit on product research and development every year, the company's products have reached an internationally-advanced level in core performance indicators. It's one of the few companies in China that can independently develop and produce integrated circuit test equipment, making it a leader enterprise in IC package test industry.


  • CTA8280F Test System
    Multi-Site Analog/Mixed Signal Test System;Higher speed,Higher precision;
    More stability,High;Low Voltage test integration;Support AB two stations ping-pong test and parallel test up to 16 sites per station

  • ØMulti-Site Analog/Mixed Signal Test System
    ØHigher speed、Higher precision
    ØMore stability
    ØHigh、Low  Voltage test integration
    ØSupport AB two stations ping-pong test and    parallel test up to 16 sites per station 

    System Feature
    Application :
    OPA, LDO, PWM, PMIC, Audio, Analog  swith, LED driver ,Hall IC  etc。
    1)With double frame,can be equipped with up to 32 modules.
    2)Independent AD/DA of each source imporves the test speed of the system.
    3)The structure of independent SGND imporves the test precision of parallel test.
    4) Debug user program source code through user self test program framework .
    5)Possess TTL and GPIB interface, which can connect the prober and handler.
    1) Users can build the framework of user program,with the function of source code debugging.
    2) The structure of user program can be copied which will save a lot of time while programming for the similar products .
    3) Support date saved by four formats : ACCESS, EXCEL, CSV, STDF .
    4) It meets the special requirements of different customers through the system setup .
    5) with the function of MAP display and a variety of MAP data storage .
    6)Own data analysis software.   

  • CTA8290D Test System
    Multi-Site Analog/Mixed Signal Test System;Higher speed、Higher precision;More stability;High、Low Voltage test integrationSupport AB two stations ping-pong test and parallel test up to 16 sites per station

  • CTA8290D
    Equipped with 62 slots and 352 VI fully-floating source channels
    Supports 16-site parallel test
    Equipped with floating VI source boards such as FVI2 and FVI8 in the rack
    Equipped with DIO64,FVI16,
    TMU8,CBIT128, TIF boards in
    the test head
    Applied to analog/digital-analog circuit test such as power supply management, PMIC, wireless charging, LED driver, etc.

    1、Fully floating source design, with max 1000V per channel, max 10A current; totally equipped with 352 channels;
    2、Equipped with the digital board with the speed rate of 200Mbps and 128 pins;
    3、With the test head structure, the specifications such as power supply, TMU and DIO are improved;
    4、Each slot is configured with independent address to automatically recognize the module type on the slot after power on, and to allocate resource based on configuration and analyze whether the resource is allocated right;
    5、Reserved I2C, SPI interface, and each loadboard can be connected with EEPROM to manage the loadboard with user program;
    6、Synchronous signals of digital board and VI source board, applied to ADC and DAC test;
    7、In-built protective circuits, preventing board damage caused by external power supply short circuit;
    8、Kelvin test function of FVI2/FVI8/FVI16;
    9、The functions are used to obtain the current status of each channel, and independently control or check the relays.

  • D9000 Digital Tester
    D9000 Digital Tester is the first generation of digital testing machine, with strong digital testing ability, and is suitable for testing MCU, digital logic chip, vulgar memory, datacom, SOC and other devices....

  • Spec.



    Total power consumption


    Standard slot


    Standard digital channel


    Vector depth


    Max speed rate of digital channel


    DPS channel


    Max current of DPS channel


    Max current of DPS


    Other card

    MiXW to be developed

    Software function
    Debug tools

    1.Pattern  Display
    2.Waveform  Display
    3.Schmoo/Plot Display
    4.Status Display

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