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Our world has been in motion since the beginning of time. Technical progress is making our machines faster and faster and their movements more and more precise. This creates new challenges with regard to the machine components.As early as 1964, Günter Blase, who established igus, had the idea of developing motion products made of low-wear high-performance polymers. motion plastics is what they are called today.  motion plastics products bring about improvements from environmental points of view as well. The life cycle assessment of the plastics produced is good. In the manufacturing process, 50 % less mineral oil is used than for similar products made of steel and 70% less than those made of aluminium. Given the 54.4 billion tons of lubricant that finds its way into the environment every year, lubrication-free plastics from igus make a further contribution to protection of the environment.

We have customers in 72 countries and more than 50 branches of industry. They include large global corporations but we love small customers just as much.  Our infrastructure allows us to handle large requests as well as small orders for which there is no minimum order quantity. Just as the customer wishes. In addition, we offer customers a wide range of services such as personal consultations and support, a web shop, live chats, webinars and visits by our salesmen.

igus® Singapore has been established in 1997 and is the ASEAN headquarter with regional presence in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Myanmar. Our Sales and Installation team is well trained at global HQ in Cologne, Germany with ability to attend to all technical and services requirements across the countries.

We committed and believes that every movement within a mechanical process can be improved with igus® maintenance-free polymer bearings and energy chain systems solution.

 Press Releases

  • The world's first e-skin® soft and e-skin® flat ensure particle-free cable routing in compact and flat installation spaces

    For guiding cables securely and abrasion-free in cleanrooms, igus® has e-skin® in its product range. The energy chain for cleanroom applications has now been equipped with a softer material especially for compact installation spaces. The safe and particle-free guidance of cables can be undertaken at a low clearance height with the new e-skin® soft. For very tight installation spaces, igus® has also developed the e-skin® flat. The new low-profile energy supply has a chamber design and is easy to fill and maintain. Both energy chains were convincing in the sound test with their very quiet operation.

    In the production of microchips, OLEDs, LCDs, implants, and semiconductors or in the pharmaceutical industry, there are very high demands in a pure manufacturing environment. Because every type of contamination has a direct effect on the product and can lead to serious damage for the manufacturer. Therefore, the conditions on the used machine elements as well as on energy supply systems are particularly high. As a result, igus® presented the easily openable e-skin®, an enclosed corrugated tube, four years ago. It has the seal of approval Fraunhofer Tested Device of the ISO class 1 and in 2018 received the 2nd prize of the Fraunhofer clean technology award "Clean! 2018". The reasons for this approval were: the e-skin is made of tribologically optimised, abrasion-resistant plastic, has a modular structure, and can be filled quickly. To make the e-skin® suitable for use in compact rooms, it has now been fitted with a new soft material. The new e-skin® soft can also be used in small installation spaces on short unsupported lengths. For very flat installation spaces, igus® offers a new solution with a chamber design: the e-skin® flat. Both energy chains were convincing in the noise test in the movement. The e-skin® soft had a value of 32.4 dBA and the e-skin® flat, 29 dBA. This means that the new energy supply systems for cleanrooms are significantly quieter than alternative solutions on the market.

    e-skin® soft: modular and fast to fill

    The new e-skin® soft is based entirely on the modular principle of the proven e-skin®. The separable upper and lower shells of the energy chain can be easily put together by a "zipper" to a fully enclosed tube, which is highly dustproof and water-resistant. This guarantees both cleanroom compatibility, quick filling and maintenance of the cables.

    Safe energy supply for flat installation spaces in cleanrooms

    igus has now developed the e-skin® flat especially for very tight installation spaces, for example in semiconductor manufacturing. The new energy supply consists of a profile with three cable chambers, which are extruded from high-performance plastics. Therefore, it is very flat and allows a very small bend radius and a low clearance height. The profiles can be connected to wider systems. In contrast to alternative solutions, the cables in the e-skin® flat are not shrink-wrapped but are inserted into the chambers. In the event of a need for maintenance, the cables can simply be pulled in without having to install a new energy supply system. The user reduces the costs and improves his technology. In a second expansion stage, the individual chambers are openable from the outside thanks to a zipper system, so that maintenance can be speeded up further. Another advantage: with the new energy supply systems, e-skin® flat and e-skin® soft, igus® offers two cost-effective solutions available directly from stock.

    Immediate ready-to-connect system with guaranteed service life

    Upon request, the customer can receive the new energy chains for the cleanroom immediately as a ready-to-connect complete system with chainflex® cables. The user has the option to use more than 918 highly flexible cables with IPA class 1, which are specifically developed for use in the energy chain. All cables were tested under real conditions in the company's own 3,800 square metre laboratory. This makes igus the only provider in the world to offer a 36-month guarantee on its range of cables.

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    With the e-skin® flat and the e-skin® soft, igus® offers two new space-saving energy supply systems for the cleanroom. The modular energy chains operate quietly and are easy to fill. In a second expansion stage of the e-skin® flat, the individual chambers are openable thanks to the zipper system. (Source: igus GmbH)


  • eskin® flat
    eskin® flat - fits even in the most confined installation spaces...

  • eskin® flat fits even in the most confined installation spaces.The e-skin® flat was developed to meet customer requirements. The e-skin® versions SK28 and SK40 have already been especially for requirements in cleanrooms for semiconductor and LCD production. The latest igus® solution for these special applications is the e-skin® flat. Its especially low profile fits in small installation spaces. it still offers the advantages of modular design and easy filling. 

    • Very compact structure
    • Modular structure using connectable profiles
    • Openable, flexible filling
    • Especially suitable for cleanrooms and fully enclosed
    • Can be shortened as necessary.

    Typical application areas: Cleanroom applications with compact installation spaces, short travels, semiconductor production, LCE/LED panel production.

  • cleanroom-compatible cables
    TPE data cables for up to 40 million double strokes in e-chains®...

  • Cleanroom-compatible chainflex® cables for IPA class1: 918 types with cleanroom classification IPA class1, 166 types with cleanroom classification IPA class 2, With highly abrasion-resistant jacket materials, tested and inspected with a 36 month guarantee.

    TPE data cables for up to 40 million double strokes in e-chains® . The high-end data cables with TPE jacket are now available as unshielded ( CF298 ) and shielded           ( CF299 ) cables with double the service life ( up to 40 million guaranteed double strokes). 

    • For heaviest duty applications and especially small radii down to 4xd
    • TPE outer jacket
    • Oil and bio-oil-resistant
    • PVC and halogen-free
    • Highly abrasion-resistant outer jacket

    Typical application areas: Pick and place machines, automatic doors, cleanroom, very quick handling.

  • PUR bus cable - CFBUS.PUR.042
    PUR bus cable with Single Pair Ethernet technology...

  • Single Pair Ethernet technology is the key to smart industrial automation. This enables uniform Ethernet communication, including the "last metre" from the control cabinet to the mahine.

    • Data transmission via only one pair
    • Leap in technology offers a diameter reduction and significant savings in installation space.
    • bus system cables now for even the smallest installation spaces in your machine.
    • PUR outer jacket
    • Oil-resistant, flame retardant
    • UL-Listed

    Typical application areas: Development of classical Ethernet solutions, e.g.automation technology, sensor and diagnostic data.

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