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Founded in 2012, SODA VISION is a young and energetic technology-oriented company focusing on vision and imaging technologies. Based in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative vision products with the best value and service to our customers.

Our team is made up of experienced vision technologies specialists, application and support engineers, programmers and passionate sales support personnel. All working together creatively to form new ideas and developing new capabilities, allowing us to deliver unique and innovative solutions to you.


  • Basler Cameras
    Basler Cameras offer top-quality images and an outstanding price/performance ratio....

  • Basler Area Scan Cameras

    No matter what your field, from factory automation and traffic monitoring (LTS) to retail and medical and life sciences, there's a Basler area scan camera that fits your needs perfectly. Select a suitable model for your application from our broad portfolio of area scan cameras.

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  • Chromasens Cameras
    Line scan cameras are mainly used for object inspection on conveyor belts because they offer a high-resolution view of endless material and fast-moving objects....

  • Chromasens stands for "Color" and "Sensor Technology"

    Our central objective is developing customized systems for high-quality image capturing in 2D and 3D and the development of line scan camera systems, 3D and multispectral cameras and high-intensity LED light sources.

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  • Acuros™ SWIR Cameras
    SWIR Vision Systems™ introduces the Acuros™ family of high definition cameras featuring CQD™ Colloidal Quantum Dot technology....

  • Acuros cameras deliver broadband, visible-to-SWIR, high-resolution images, at far superior cost points compared to InGaAs SWIR cameras. The cameras are classified as EAR99 products (no license required for global export) and are intended for use in applications including industrial machine vision, silicon inspection, surveillance, hyperspectral imaging, and more.

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  • Computar Lens
    Don’t let the lens be the weak link in your MV system. Choosing a great lens tailored to your system’s needs can be daunting, but that what Computar is here for.

  • When setting up your automated vision system, the lens may be one of the last components you choose. Once your system is up and running, however, your data flows from the lens first. That makes lens choice one of the most impactful decisions that affect how well your vision system works for you.The concern here is image resolution. A higher resolution lens gives you greater specificity in designing and implementing the most efficient vision solutions.

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  • Myutron Lens
    The best optical solution for the global market. Myutron’s optical systems create new value for various applications....

  • Features:

    1. Suitable for the best quality in 12 MP ( 3.45 μ m / Pixel of 1.1″ )
    2. Adjustable iris, possible to adjust the depth of field and contrast 1.5x and 2.0x lens.
    3. Compatible with 1.1″ and 1″ camera, wide field of view can be captured
    4. Designed for long working distance, 110mm, 150mm that can secure enough space to set u

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  • Silicon Software Frame Grabber
    Silicon Software offers with its ironman frame grabbers a product series of most powerful image acquisition and image processing boards for the most important digital interfaces in Machine Vision....

  • Technical Characteristics of Ironman Product Series:

    1. Intelligent image acquisition and programmable image processing frame grabber
    2. Silicon Software data transfer technology DMA3600 with 3.600 MB/s data bandwidth
    3. Image acquisition memory from 512 to 1024 MByte DDR3-RAM
    4. PCI Express x8 (Gen2) Technology
    5. Signal communication and programming of on-board trigger
    6. Power supply of cameras by power-over technology
    7. Device driver support for Windows and Linux for 32bit and 64bit

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