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Founded back in October 1991, QES Group has since grown into a leading integrated solution provider specialized in manufacturing, distribution, and provision of engineering services for inspection, test, measuring analytical and automated handling equipment.


  • 1st Optical Inspection System
    WIS1000 is designed to handle 6 & 8” wafer size....

  • The standard design comes with one standard load port to accommodate the 6 SEMI Standard Open Cassette and 8 SEMI Open Cassette. The system is capable of inspection, wafer mapping & defects classification management.WIS 1000 in integrated with Nikon Wafer AutoLoader and programmable XY indexing table for macro and micro inspection. It can perform macro inspection not only for front wafer as well as back wafer and micro inspection. The inker module can be integrated with the system for the defect marking during the inspection.

  • Automated Post Wire Bond Inspection System
    High-speed and high-resolution vision inspection system....

  • PWB 2000 V is an automated, reliable, and effective solution for post die attach and post wire bond inspection The system comes with an area scanning camera that
    capable to capture defects by using the 2 D vision system Integrated with a programmable dual XY stage and on the fly scanning method, the system can accommodate multiple magazines at one-time operation and eliminate the waiting time.

  • Post Die Attach Vision Inspection System
    An Automated vision inspection system, PDA 1000 V is made for Dual Side Cooling (packages handling)....

  • With the implementation of a dual-track mechanism, all the 3 variants of DSC products can be addressed, in one single system Integrated with an all-sided camera acquisition design, all 6 sides of the units can be inspected with the highly reliable results as well as clear resolution images for customer post-inspection review A full system covering from auto loading, LFID reading, inspection and up to physical reject module, is the ideal system configuration to address dimensional DSC packages.
  • Automated Barcode Printing and Labelling System
    WID8000 is designed to handle either 6" and 8" wafer size or 8" and 12" wafer size....

  • This system comes with an auto-conversion system that enables it to handle two sizes of wafers WID 8000 have two main functions as OCR reader and the barcode printer The wafer ID is read by the OCR reader, the system will then convert the wafer ID to the barcode format, print it on the sticker label, and place it on the wafer tape The main purpose of WID 8000 system design is to replace labor force and reduce human error that may occur during the process of placing the sticker label (Wafer ID) on the frame wafers.
  • Wafer Packing Unpacking System
    WPS3200 is designed to handle 6" and 8" wafers for the packing unpacking process from various types of shipping carriers....

  • The system is equipped with Wafer Pre Aligner for wafer positioning and orientation and a wafer ID Reader for OCR and 2 D Matrix Code reading Besides, WPS 3200 comes with a built-in vision sensor for wafer, interleaf paper or ring spacer detection and a built-in height sensor for robotic handling accuracy Mapping sensor integrated into the robotic arm to detect any wafer cross slot and double wafers during operation.
  • Wafer Sorting System
    WSS2200B is designed with the standard of four load ports that can support 6" and 8" wafer size....

  • The ports are designed to handle 6 Semi Standard Open Cassettes and 8 Semi Standard Open Cassettes. During the wafer sorting process, the robotic arm moves to the designated input load port for the wafer loading process. The movement of X, Y and Z axis are controlled by the Hirata robot controller. Loaded wafer from input load port transferred to pre aligner for wafer orientation check and alignment wafer ID read by OCR and recorded into pc/server through TCP/IP or SECS/GEM The wafer is transferred from input to output load port by using recipe control.


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