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NDS is a leading global dicing solution provider. With dicing application centers in China and Taiwan, 
we specialize in manufacturing dicing saws, blades, tapes and other 
auxiliary machines. Customer satisfaction is at the core of everything NDS is always doing.


  • Dicing Blades
    Resin bond blade
    Electro-formed Nickel bond blade
    Metal bond blade
    Vitrified bond blade...

  • Resin bond blade, with the characteristic of free-cutting and self-sharpening, can efficiently improve cut quality and efficiency on ductile and gummy materials such as QFNs and coppers and on hard-and-brittle materials such as glass and ceramics.

    Electro-formed Nickel bond blade, featured by ultra thin, high strength and stiffness, is extremely rigid. It can give high endurance and robust properties during cutting process while maintaining very low blade wearing rate.

    Metal bond blade, sintered and mold pressed under high temp. and pressure, has high rigidity and long blade life. With higher wear-resistance, balanced blade wearing profile, and higher stiffness, the metal bond blades can effectively reduce cutting defects such as slant cut and PKG size/profile issues while providing very long blade life.

    Vitrified bond blade with high rigidity and cutting capability is able to keep the straightness on the entry and exit point and precision of work dimension during high-loading process. Consequently, this kind of blade realizes advanced machining on hard materials such as crystals and sapphires. 

  • Dicing Tape
    Heat-Resistant UV Dicing Tape
    Dicing Tape
    Thermal Release Tape
    Polyimide Tape...

  • Heat-Resistant UV Dicing Tape

    HUV-S7000 / D7000 Series, different from usual dicing tapes, uses heat-resistant UV curable adhesives which can endure heat up to 190°C in the process.

    PO Base Tape

    Single-sided dicing tape with UV cured adhesive. Anti-static types also available.

  • Wafer Cleaner清洗機
    Wafer Cleaner清洗機...

  • Applicable to 8 , 12 inch wafer.
    For cleaning and drying after dicing.

    •Atomizing cleaning with nozzle 
    •10 sets of cleaning programs
    •User-friendly interface / PLC control
    •Rapid cleaning
    •Customized solution for cleaner with solvent and brushes are also available upon request

  • Wafer Mounter貼膜機
    Wafer Mounter貼膜機...

  • Applicable to 6, 8, 12 inch wafer

    •Built-in linear roller to avoid dust
    •Adjustable pressure to control the roller
    •Robust design

  • Dicing Saw
    High Precision Dicing Saw...

  • Unique Z-axis Design
    ‧ Innovative Vacuum System
    ‧ Improved Operability
    ‧ Blade Breakage Detector(Optional)
    ‧ Shortening Execution Time of Cutter Setup

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