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ViTrox was established in 2000, and aims to become the most trusted machine vision solutions provider for customers, partners, and stakeholders. The innovations we create through research and development bring enhancement and breakthroughs in technology that contribute to the community’s wellbeing. ViTrox offers automated 2D/3D vision inspection solutions for Front-end Semiconductor, Back-end Semiconductor, PCB SMT Assembly, Advanced Robotic Vision System, Electronic Communication System, and Industry 4.0 Smart Solutions - V-ONE.

ViTrox serves customers from semiconductor Outsourced Assembly and Test (OSAT) companies, printed circuit board manufacturers, electronics assemblies companies, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Original Design Manufacturers (ODM), Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) providers and Contract Manufacturers (CM) around the world.

ViTrox has more than 600 customers in over 40 countries and 8 overseas subsidiaries and R&D sites globally.

ViTrox received numerous national and international recognitions and awards for its outstanding performance in product development and corporate performance and human resource development.

At present, ViTrox is well recognized as one of the world-leading automated machine vision inspection solution providers with an extensive customer base in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia, Europe, Brazil, Mexico, the USA and more.

 Press Releases

  • PENANG MALAYSIA - May 2022 - ViTrox Technologies, the world-leading solutions provider for semiconductor and electronics packaging industries, announces its participation as Platinum sponsor in the SEMICON Southeast Asia (SEA) 2022 from 21 to 23 June 2022, in Setia SPICE Arena & Convention Centre, Penang, Malaysia (Booth No. A404). 


    During  SEMICON SEA 2022, ViTrox will be showcasing its comprehensive, advanced and intelligent solutions, from Middle & Back-end Semiconductor Vision Solutions, SMT PCB Assembly Vision Solutions, Electronics Communication Systems, to Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Solutions. This year, ViTrox will also present the latest Advanced 3D Optical Inspection (AOI) for the semiconductor industry and Advanced Robotic Vision (ARV) at the Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing Journey (SSMJ). 


    Additionally, ViTrox is delighted to announce that Mr. Wong Ting Lik, the Senior Director of Tray-based Vision Inspection division and Mr. Choong Wee Hoong, the Director of Vision System/Wafer Inspection/Post Seal Inspection division, will be sharing Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in Machine Vision Technologies at TECHStage. Furthermore, Mr. Gary Leong Chee Yeong, the Senior Director of Industry 4.0 & Ecosystem Development, will share his insights on transforming electronics manufacturing into a digital smart factory at the SMART Enterprise Forum. Both sharing sessions will be held on the second day of the show, 22 June 2022 (Wednesday). Visitors are welcome to attend these insightful sharing sessions and experience the smart solutions at ViTrox’s booth. 


    Another exciting news is that ViTrox will station at the Workforce and Talent Development Pavilion (Booth #F147) to introduce company culture and career opportunities to the students and visitors. The education arm of ViTrox - ViTrox Academy (VA) team will also be on-site to promote its Diploma courses and training programmes too! On the second day of the show (22 June 2022), our People Management Sr. Manager, Ms. Yeoh Siew Eng will represent ViTrox to share about Tech for Good which covers company background & culture, advanced and innovative products & solutions, internship and career opportunities at Workforce & Talent Development Stage.


    ViTrox team is well-prepared and ready to present innovative solutions and technologies during the show! It's a great platform for us to reconnect and meet with our customers and visitors in person after the pandemic! Please send in your appointment request via the registration link to meet up with our field experts in person!


    For more information about ViTrox, visit our website at


  • Wi8i G2 Wafer Vision Inspection Handler
    A highly customizable advanced solution for 2D surface defect inspection and metrology that replaces human visual inspection to maximize production throughput and yield....

  • ViTrox Wafer Vision Inspection Hander, Wi8i G2 is a highly customizable advanced solution for 2D surface defect inspection and metrology that replaces human visual inspection to maximize production throughput and yield. Wi8i G2 is equipped with multiple handling mechanisms to support various wafer forms including raw wafer, hoop ring, and frame wafer ranging from 100mm (4") to 300mm (12"). 

    The advanced and automated solution enhances productivity, quality and profitability through robust inspection algorithms and sophisticated hardware design. 

  • TR3000i Tray-to-Tape & Reel Vision Handler
    A high performance automatic Tray-to-Tape & Reel vision inspection solution equipped with advanced technologies that greatly reduces machine set-up time and maximizes machine throughput....

  • TR3000i Tray-to-Tape & Reel Vision Handler is a high performance automatic Tray-to-Tape & Reel vision inspection solution equipped with advanced technologies that greatly reduces machine set-up time and maximizes machine throughput.

    TR3000i can be operated in either Tray to Tray mode OR Tray to Tape & Reel mode. It is equipped with 25MP Top and Bottom cameras with colour inspection and it is customizable based on users' specific vision requirements. Besides, it supports package sizes from 2x2mm up to 120 by120mm while the package types range from QFP, QFN, BGA, LGA TSOP and so on. TR3000i has 7 nozzles for the pick and place from tray to tape, and it is rotatable. Moreover, it has the feature of the auto pitch as well. Its vision alignment enhances the accuracy of pick and place from tray to tape with different pitches.

  • VR20i Post Seal Vision Handler
    Advanced dual-track Reel-to-Reel vision handler replaces conventional human visual inspection and minimizes machine idle time for greater production efficiency....

  • VR20i Post Seal Inspection Handler series is designed to replace conventional human inspection with its latest technologies. It is an enhanced version of the 1st generation, with 3 keys automation mechanisms added to reduce human interaction with machines, and also to reduce the machine stoppages and downtime caused by human error.

    The 3 keys automation includes auto-track width conversion, auto dummy reel width conversion, and also the auto tape inserts into the dummy reel during the tape rewinding process. It is able to support a variety of carrier tape widths from 8 millimeters up to 32 millimeters.

    Besides, VR20i G2 has greatly improved its machine speed up to 50% with the latest combination of hardware components and the image processing platform. Thus, it is able to inspect the components in the reel in the fastest way and with the result of higher throughput. Most importantly, it reduces the return on investment.

  • V510i Advanced 3D Optical Inspection
    An AI-Powered Optical Inspection solution that significantly optimizes production efficiency and is compatible with Smart Manufacturing....

  • V510i Advanced 3D AOI is designed for various sizes of PCB assemblies to increase production efficiency and cost savings for electronic manufacturing services, communication industry, and etc. It is equipped with the latest and advanced software and hardware features such as robust algorithm database and rigid vision system technology, A.I. technology automated programming and intelligent after-inspection judgement, single click on 2D & 3D algorithms for auto conversion, AOI Gen 4 platform which is equipped with colour side camera for accurate image inspection and unique 3D AOI algorithm coverage for miniature component inspection.
  • Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Solution - V-ONE
    Analytics intelligence for the manufacturing sector with customizable, flexible drill down charts and dashboards that help users to optimize production efficiency with real-time insightful information and AI prediction....

  • V-ONE is an Industrial 4.0 BIG Data Analytics platform that collects BIG data from Cloud, Fog or Edge for analysis, with fully flexible visualization drill down charts and flexible dashboards to provide meaningful analytics to users on a real-time basis and extend the platform toward complete data feeding for Artificial Intelligence processing. The smart manufacturing tool enables manufacturing stages and critical parameters visible thus giving the capability to control the production processes in a smarter way with less time and resources.
  • Electronics Communication Systems
    A series of customizable high performance solutions for machine automation that enhances machine performance, improves machine's set-up time and boosts return of investments....

  • Electronics Communication Systems is a series of customizable high performance solutions for machine automation that enhances machine performance, improves machine's set-up time and boosts return of investments.

    ViCAT IO is the data acquisition with EtherCAT protocol enables you to integrate different digital I/O combinations for automation applications. For example, ViCAT Remote Configurable IO has 20 CH digital input and 4CH digital output, both are NPN or PNP software configurable. It is also equipped with different power sourcing for overloading protection.

    ViLight - L3K28-U0 is a light source controller with a total of 8 channels, 2A/channel with up to 1.5Khz triggering speed. WIth the ViPRO-Light, users can have the flexibility to configure and group the channels into various types of light modes such as strobe, pulse and continuous mode, Not to forget, each channel has the lighting intensity control which is up to 13k steps resolution.

    ViMO - It's a stepper driver with the options of single axis and dual axis. The maximum output current is up to 4.5A. With ViPRO-Drive, users are able to monitor the motor's behavior with built-in software oscilloscope and fine tune the motor parameters in real time. In line with Industry 4.0, we also provide IIOT solutions such as ViPOD, power diagnosis and ViTemp, temperature monitoring.

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