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Singapore,  Singapore 
  • Booth: N513

Redefining Innovation with Technical Ceramics

Creatz3D Ceramics is a specialized division dedicated to the research and development of high-performance 3D printing ceramic applications.

With ceramics possessing certain unique characteristics not found elsewhere, it opens the door for the market to explore innovative new application possibilities or complement applications using other materials like polymers and metals.

By relying on the exceptional capabilities of ceramics - flatness of ± 50 microns and producing holes down to 150 microns, companies can avoid going down the tedious traditional route with ceramics 3D printing, and achieve similar added value in the manufacturing chain where accuracy and repeatability are crucial.

At SEMICON Southeast Asia 2022, visitors will get an introduction to the fascinating ceramic applications that we have been working on such as complex manifolds, sensors, honeycombs, and micro-lattice structures. From customized single lattice structure to large components, we have been designing and supplying new applications for industries like biomedical, defense, semiconductors, chemical processing, and aerospace.

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  • 3D Printed Technical Ceramics
    With the demands of today's economy, ceramic 3D printing helps to ensure the quality of parts while enabling support for technologically challenging projects. Redefining innovation with ceramic 3D printing is no longer just a pipe dream....

  • Creatz3D Ceramics is a Singapore Company that provides
    ceramic 3D printing solutions to MNCs and SMEs locally
    and across the world and they include design consultation
    to the production of parts for functional prototypes and
    small batch manufacturing.Technical ceramic 3D printed parts have the same
    properties and performance as parts produced
    traditionally through dry pressing or injection molding.
    Ceramics 3D printing has progressed to becoming a
    reliable production technology today, and ceramics is
    currently the only food-safe 3D printed material on the
    Ceramics 3D printing unlocks design freedom for
    optimization. With this ability, adopters are granted with
    capabilities to produce highly intricate and complex
    ceramic parts that are not possible with traditional
    With no sub-assemblies required for multi-function
    parts, they can be consolidated into 1 single part to
    increase its overall performance and reliability.
    Furthermore, on-demand manufacturing is enabled
    because of the fast turnaround lead time.With the utilization of Laser Stereolithography (SLA)
    Technology, a complete range of fully functional ceramic
    parts can be produced from materials like Alumina,
    Zirconia, Silicon Nitride and other Advanced Technical
    Ceramics to help support geometrically and technically
    challenging projects in your business.  In comparison to plastics and metal, Ceramics have a
    higher strength to weight ratio. Ceramics are also
    chemically inert and corrosion resistance compared to
    metal.  In addition, Ceramics are biocompatible and can be used
    as medical implant in surgery. Although plastics and metal still account for much of the 3D
    printing industry, Ceramics are now more accessible and
    seeing an increasing demand from industries like medical,
    aerospace, automotive and electronics because of
    advances in 3D printing technologies and improved
    ceramics material developments.

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